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  • What is the best water to drink?
  • What is deuterium depleted water?
  • What are the best water filters?
  • What is structured water?
  • Can I programme water to heal me?
  • Is glass better than plastic, if so, why?
  • Can I drive my car using water as fuel?
  • and more… 

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We are here because of water

Waters on this planet; oceans, water sources and water inside flora and fauna are polluted. We are all connected by water, now we unite for water, together we find solutions.

Our mission is to purify and vitalize our internal and planetary waters. Ancient mystics called it “Doing the Great Work”, creating a life fulfilled with meaning. We do this through providing a diverse ecosystem of tools to work locally and have impact globally.

We offer resources, including discussion groups, members directory, a shared project management system, maps and all kinds of water related listings, learning management system, marketplace, and events calendar, allowing all of us to collaborate efficiently in private and shared workspaces.

We welcome individuals, communities, organisations, businesses and institutions who are seriously passionate about collaborating and sharing knowledge, experience and resources for a planet with healthy and thriving Water.

To grow community interaction and create global impact simply invite others. More people create more connections, more interactions, and more global impact to achieve our mission.

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Water connects us all. We unite in doing The Great Work to Heal Our Waters. The more diverse we are, the more borders we cross, the more disciplines we bridge, the more successful we are in fulfilling our life with meaningful purpose, as individuals and humanity as a whole.

World Water Community Team

Water education

Did you know...?

  • Our body is ±65% water in Mass (weigth)
  • Our body consists for 99% out of water molecules.
  • Pure, clean water very important is for our health.
  • Hydrogen is the first atom expelled from any black hole
  • Water has memory 
  • Data can be stored inside water structures
  • Your thoughts can be captured as image of ice crystals
  • and more …

Click here to learn about our education project “Water Art” 

Two college students looking at laptop and futuristic interface with body diagram in blue water

World Water Lab

Save millions, maximise impact

Valuable time, money and resources are lost on inefficient use of human capital, equipment and available expertise. Lack of collaboration, interaction and coordination cause costly preventable mistakes. The World Water Lab intends to optimise available global potential, to increase efficient use of funds, to fill this gap of human knowledge about water and related natural aspects by joining forces. Click here for more information about World Water Lab 

World Water Law

The World Water Law holds all governments, corporations, communities, and individuals, fully accountable for their impact on all waters everywhere.

This global initiative honors the many Water Guardians around the world who have dedicated their lives to the protection and reverence of Water on behalf of all of Life. Click here for more 

global alliance for a world water law
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Short Introduction Videos

All of us are on our own personal journey of self discovery of our inner potential. We believe human potential is limitless and thus we set audacious goals.
Onboard yourself watching our short videos below and get familiar with what we have to offer.

The platform is continuously in development, we welcome your ideas for improvement and ask for your compassion, patience and support. Updated permalinks may cause viewing errors.
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World Water Community Offers

World Water Community offers a number of functionalities. Some are still under development. We are also open for suggestions.

This is the heart of this platform. Create and join groups, forums, discussions, connections, private messaging and more. Groups can form around shared interests, projects, watersheds, bioregions, research areas, events and more. The translation feature supports individuals and communities around the world to connect, collaborate, ask questions, and share resources and experience with other members.

Listings for organizations, special global events, labs, springs, vital water taps, water conscious hotels & restaurants, sacred sites and more. We are open for your suggestions.

Resource database ~ WaterWiki

Working towards a shared, user-generated & curated resource WaterWiki, with links to content, publications, organizations, etc.

Detailed search for members based on profile. Suggestions for profile fields are welcome.

Calendar of events. Members can add events and sign up for events. It's including a ticketing and booking system. We also have support tools for running your event. Please contact us for further information.


Tools to support the community (video conferencing, social media posting, video editing, images, event organization, etc.).

OceansX offers Boosts and project driving enabling a kick start of your movement. Please contact us to join our OceansX movement.

Courses and education. Members can create, sell and join courses.

Members can offer their solutions and services and also find solutions and services provided by other members. A small percentage of the sale (if it isn't free) goes to the World Water Community.

Members can share their projects in our News and Projects section.

Project Funding

Funding page for World Water Projects. Members can post their project and launch their own funding campaign and back campaigns of other members.

Project Management System

Members can use our project management system for their projects in unlimited private and shared workspaces. (Project planning, secure team communication, accounting, etc...).

All members are invited to join the Global Alliance for a World Water Law as a collective vision and action for the rapid healing and restoration of our planetary waters.

Mobile App for staying connected in with the community any time. (First version is now available).

A network of water scientists and labs collaborating to advance water science.

Support the World Water Community Foundation

Our intention is to provide an open, accessible and inclusive collaborative space for Doing the Great Work to Heal Our Waters, with no barrier to join, connect and contribute. At the same time, the personal investments we are making, both financially and in time, are substantial, and the costs for maintaining and expanding the platform will increase. Therefore, to make this community platform financially sustainable, we invite members who can support us, to offer a once-off or monthly donation for the ongoing upkeep and development of this World Water Community.

We are happy to share our financial and time investments with community members who wish to contribute.

Thank you for helping this platform become all it can be in service to the healing of our Waters!