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    Uniting for World Water Day 2022

    Uniting for World Water Day 2022 Water is the Unifier of All Life and the Primary Medicine of our Time 💧ADD YOUR EVENT TO THE GLOBAL MAP🌏 Every World Water Day there are hundreds, maybe thousands, of diverse events around the world dedicated to Water. Imagine if all these inspiring events could see each other, connect, and align with a …

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    Uniting for World Water Day 2022

    Tribute to Luc Montagnier

    Tribute to Luc Montagnier Blog
    Luc Montagnier August 18, 1932 - February 8, 2022 We mourn the passing of one of the great scientists of our time. Courageous and humorous in the face of disbelief, Luc Montagnier, nonetheless, has opened an entire dimension of science previously overlooked, invisible, but one so foundational that new explanations of life are now required. His final experiments show that …

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