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We have good news! The World Water Community Foundation has recently received the tax deductible status ('ANBI' status in Dutch). We will continue to work on preparing our communication materials and budget plans in order to start applying for funding. For now, your private donations are very much needed to get our heads back above the water.

What's been happening on the back-end... A new Foundation website has been set up and still needs to be filled with more content, we welcome your support. We are also in the process of changing the Community site to make the website leaner, clearer and faster. This week we created a separate site for Listings and we did that in May for Courses. Please check them out! You have the same usernames on those sites. You need to login separately and may need to update your password. Details on these changes can be found in the Platform forum.

And... it's time for registering for the Water Conference! Have a look at the Preliminary list of speakers and titles. If you are planning to join, please also book your room soon, because there are other events happening in the area at the same time!

Furthermore, check out upcoming events and enjoy an interesting read in our blog! (see below)

For our Waters,

Bastiaan and Everine
Founders World Water Community

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    National Magazine 1858 - The Drop of Water

    A jewel I found in the National Magazine of 1858, vol3. Many thanks to E.L. who wrote this piece of work. Happy reading! The most familiar things in life exemplify the most important cosmic laws: thus the falling of an apple contains the governing law of the whole universe, and the little drop of dew on the grass is, in …

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    National Magazine 1858 - The Drop of Water

    Upcoming events

    BeLoveH2O ~ New moon ~ Water Blessings ~ Global meditation (August 27th, 2022)

    BeLoveH2O ~ New moon ~ Water Blessings ~ Global meditation
    Welcome! Thank you for Joining the wave 30 min meditation as individual from wherever you are connecting in the cosmic waters (This is NOT an online / zoom meeting - this is individual connection at the same time) SUMMER SCHEDULE! WEDNESDAY!!! June 29th @ 7:30-8:00pm (ET) WEDNESDAY!!! July 27th @ 7:30-8:00pm (ET)  SATURDAY!!! August 27th @ 7:30-8:00pm (ET)   This is a sacred …

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    Water Conference 2022 (October 13-16th, 2022)

    Water Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water “Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi What secrets does water hold for our lives? What remains to be discovered? Dr. Gerald Pollack welcomes you to the fifteenth annual Water Conference 2022, on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of …

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