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We warmly invite you to join the Danielea's Listening Field focusing on Water tomorrow! See details below, it takes place on June 20th from 9-10:30am EDT. Register right now!

Please also have a look at all the other World Unity Week events, especially the EcoGovernance room by Yan and Shelley: Eco Governance and the Foundation of Life where they will be introducing Eco-Governance as a new and natural way of organizing ourselves —as one humanity— for the benefit of all of Life.

Looking forward to seeing you there! Keep flowing!

Bastiaan and Everine
Founders World Water Community

    The Listening Field Daily ~ Water, June 20th, 2022

    The Listening Field Daily is in the Eco-Governance Convergence Room. It is an opportunity during World Unity Week to consult with Nature Elders on a fundamental question posed by the ecoGovernance model, "How do we restore Right Relations with the 7 Foundations of Life? We will invite the presence of a different Foundation each day along with your personal Nature …

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    The Listening Field Daily ~ Water

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