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We are announcing the "Water Art" project! Its aim is to bring Water connection to children worldwide via making ice crystal images! We are starting in the Netherlands and we are open to pilot with you in other areas around the world. For more details about the project and how to join or support, please have a look in the blog post link below.

And, please also check out the upcoming events below! We are sorry to have missed announcing some of the previous events. If you want to help us with our external communication, you are welcome to volunteer. ;-)

Looking forward to seeing you on the community platform!

Bastiaan and Everine
Founders World Water Community

    Latest blog posts

    Water Art - Observing Ice Patterns By Freezing Water

    Dear community, We are announcing a new project! It is called "Water Art"! Water Art builds a relationship with Water, through communication and observation. Water Art encourages people to engage in playful communication with Water by creating images of ice crystals, playing with their own imagination, e.g. using an image, music or even by their thoughts. All that is needed is a …

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    Waterart Our connection with Consciousness Observing ice Patterens by Freezing

    Upcoming events

    Worldwide Water Ceremony (May 5th, 2023)

    5:5 WORLDWIDE WATER CEREMONY To connect humanity, to connect the waters All over the world we experiences problems with water: floods, droughts, pollution, plastic in the oceans, extinction of fish, melting of the ice, shortage of drinking water. Yet, we consist of 70% water. Our planet is a waterplanet. Water is life, it sustain us, but it also connects us …

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    Worldwide Water Ceremony

    The Wave - Een reis door het Lichaam naar het Leven (May 5th, 2023)

    The Wave - Een reis door het Lichaam naar het Leven
    In honour of our Water - we celebrate the birth of  The Wave Schipluiden / NL - Vrijdagavond 5 mei 2023, van 20 – 22 uur zal  in het teken van de vrijheid in de Cultuur-Kerk Op Hodenpijl, het boek “The Wave” geboren worden, met als trotse ouders Stefaan Meus & Marja Nieuwveld. De auteurs nodigen de bezoekers en uiteindelijk …

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    BeLoveH2O ~ New moon ~ Water Blessings ~ Global meditation (May 18th, 2023)

    BeLoveH2O ~ New moon ~ Water Blessings ~ Global meditation Welcome! Thank you for Joining the wave 30 min meditation as individual from wherever you are connecting in the cosmic waters *** This is NOT an online / zoom meeting this is connection at the same time from wherever you are connected in the cosmic water ༺ coming up NEXT: ♡ …

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    BeLoveH2O ~ New moon ~ Water Blessings ~ Global meditation

    Year Of Water 2023: Legal Rights for Water (May 31st, 2023)

    Year Of Water 2023: Legal Rights for Water
    【Year of water】 Save the date - Wednesday, May 31st, 3PM CET  Webinar: Year Of Water 2023: Legal Rights for Water Register here: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_ly40WZOZS8C243Bfz4GPqw

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