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Water Conference 2023, 11-14th October in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
The preliminary program is available on the website! This is a wonderful scientific event bringing the foremost water scientists and inventors on stage presenting their latest work! Great minds and spirits discussing hot topics related to Water! Don't you want to rub shoulders with them all in Amsterdam?!

Take the opportunity to mingle with Gerald Pollack, Ernst Zürcher, Igor Jerman, Marc Henry, Glen Rein, Beverly Rubik, Veda Austin, Alexander Tournier, and many more!!

To receive a DISCOUNT of 40% for the online attendance, you can use the following code: wwcp2023. This code is valid through August 11th, 2023. So sign up soon!

YOU WILL HAVE ACCESS TO THE RECORDINGS AFTER THE EVENT AS WELL, as soon as the processing of the videos is finished.

So... Register ASAP!
The World Water Community is supported with every registration for the online stream using this code! Therefore we appreciate it if you use this specific code :-). Please also share this invitation with your network (feel free to forward this email directly).

We have also spread the invitation via Social Media, so check out our channels (find the links at the bottom of this email) and simply like, share, or forward the invitation to your contacts.

If you are new to the Water Conference and are joining (or considering to join) for the first time, please contact us and find the Water Conference group on the platform where you can connect with participants and are provided with updates on anything related to the Water Conference. You need to login to the platform first.

We are looking forward to this event! We will do everything we can to make it as successful as it can be!

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    Water Conference 2023

    Water Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water “Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi What secrets does water hold for our lives? What remains to be discovered? Dr. Gerald Pollack welcomes you to the sixteenth annual Water Conference 2023, on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of …

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    Water Conference 2023

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