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On Earth Day we initiated the Great Planetary Water Cleanup. Stay tuned for updates, visit the blog post by Eliza Herald to learn what this initiative is about and join the Great Planetary Water Cleanup group on our platform.

We are starting regular Voices of Water Community Gatherings! You are invited! The first meeting will be on Wednesday May 22nd at 8pm CET. In that first gathering we will work together to determine the frequency of subsequent meetings, list of potential guest speakers, and topics of interest. We will also be creating a questionnaire for other community members in order to consider their wishes as well. Please join the Voices of Water group on our platform.

And… for those of you intending to join the Water Conference in person: Remember to sign up for the Water Conference and book your hotel rooms as soon as possible, because the rooms on the conference quota will run out (normal room prices are going up already!) and bookings are cross checked with conference registration, so both signing up and booking the hotel room are required!

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    Recent posts

    The Achaeoastronomy Institute: Further Development plan.

    Project Overview We’re streamlining our entire world now. We're going back to the future. Jamie Conway is now taking the blogging reins. We are transitioning into a more supportive role, assisting others in organizing their affairs effectively to help them achieve their goals. Regardless of how that may be perceived, we view everyone as part of a unified entity. It …

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    A digital art piece depicting a serene face surrounded by swirling clouds and intricate circuitry patterns in an Auto Draft blue monochrome color scheme. World Water Community

    Information Medicine supports since World Water Community inception

    Information Medicine
    We’re very pleased that Eric Laarakker has supported our collective mission and the community since the beginning. Apart from his mental support, enthusiasm, and energy, his company Information Medicine also funds the growth of our network. During the last years they contributed in total 5000 euro to grow and intensify the impact of the World Water Community.His company, Information Medicine …

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    Uniting for the Water of Our Planet

    Uniting for the Water of Our Planet: Calling for the Great Planetary Water CleanupWatersheds, the interconnected networks of rivers, streams, lakes, and groundwater organizing the movement of Water throughout the landscapes are pivotal for sustaining life on Earth. Specifically, healthy watersheds are essential for maintaining the balance of our planet's ecosystems, providing the conditions for life to thrive, regulating our climate …

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    Aerial view of a winding river delta with sediment patterns flowing into a blue sea with surrounding green auto draft. World Water Community

    Upcoming Events

    Voices of Water Community Gathering (May 22nd, 2024)

    Promotional image for "Voices of Water Community Gatherings", featuring a vibrant montage of natural and fantastical elements with animals, waterfalls, and a central water gathering around a fire, event details included. World Water Community
    This first gathering is to introduce us to the idea of the Voices of Water community gatherings and get community feedback in order to determine frequency of subsequent meetings, list of potential guest speakers, topics, and more.  In addition, we'll introduce a new initiative called "The Great Planetary Water Cleanup" to encourage and support Water Stewards to initiate programs to …

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    Water Talk (May 12th, 2024)

    Open heartfelt conversations of authentic expressions. With Water As Water for Water. This is a space of inspiration and confluence. We meet every second Sunday via Zoom. Angelique Rodriguez is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Water Talks Time: Feb 18, 2024 12:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) Every 2 weeks on Sun, until Dec 8, 2024, …

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    A black and white photo of a pond in the desert.

    WUN TIER 1~ORIENTATION CALL (May 13th, 2024)

    Water unity fine art print.
    Watershed Wisdom Councils TIER 1~ORIENTATION Calls Every Monday @ 18:00 UTC (11:00 AM PT, 2:00 PM ET, 8:00 PM CET) You are asked to attend at least one of these calls in order to advance from TIER 1~ORIENTATION into the next TIER 2~ONBOARDING Phases 5-8. Connect with a Cohort/Ask Questions/Offer Solutions To join the Zoom Meeting please register (via the …

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    Water Conference 2024 (October 16-19th, 2024)

    Water Conference on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of Water “Discovery is seeing what everyone else has seen and thinking what nobody else has thought.” – Albert Szent-Györgyi What secrets does water hold for our lives? What remains to be discovered? Dr. Gerald Pollack welcomes you to the sixteenth annual Water Conference 2024, on the Physics, Chemistry, and Biology of …

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    Advertisement for the water conference 2024, focusing on physics, chemistry, and biology of water, set for October 16-19 in Lisbon, Portugal, with a website link at the bottom. World Water Community

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