Aligning with Water, the Source of All Life ~ What a Concept!

A reflection of a tree, aligning with water, showcases the source of all life.


As concerned world citizens, we are each deeply aware of the very real potential for catastrophic planetary and societal systems collapse. Over 50 years of evidence indicates our species seems determined to push the living systems of our Water Planet past the looming tipping point.

With our beloved Earth and All Life within her in an existential balance of true terror, we are not willing to wait for the impending calamity to strike, yet we are challenged by the vast complexity to know how to change this trajectory. Where do we go from here?

Simply put, the “climate crisis” is an imbalance of the planetary hydrologic cycle and this is where the solutions reside. So, how do we address the most grievous consequences of our extractive human behavior and turn the tipping point in the right direction? 

We’ve each contributed to this and we must all do our part to solve it. 

Herding cats is easier said than done. As Water People, we are being called to come into deep and wide collaboration, drawing upon the wisdom of our collective intelligence to align all our regenerative actions with the Source of All Life, our Water. This only makes good common sense.

So, how do we do THIS? Within this nascent World Water Community, we are intending to co-create a collaborative human movement compelling the most effective actions, influence, and impact to generate the broadest beneficial behavior changes in the human species in the shortest time. Can we become the planet’s rapid immune response rising together for healing and rebalancing our Water Cycle?

The ‘Watershed Wisdom Councils Concept’ (WWCC), is a whole-system stewardship model and social organizational blueprint designed to serve this purpose by aligning with the quantum intelligence of our Essential Source Water.

The WWCC describes a functional roadmap to guide our collective co-creation into a truly compassionate, regenerative global community and establish the principles and practices required to weave this emerging network together. Still, we know that the map is not the terrain.

We need a container to hold this concept. Incubated within the World Water Community, the emergent Water Unity Network is an emerging interconnected system of nested, decentralized small group councils connected from Source to Sea. It is the sturdy vessel designed to manage the complexity of the climate crisis in support of the global collective of steadfast Water Stewards working to solve it.

We are bridging our vast inspiration to the effective, tangible implementation of solutions within the Water’s Current. Together we are building resilient, regenerative communities worldwide to ensure generations of All Life will thrive far into the future. 


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