Announcing Analemma Water as new collaborating donor!

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Analemma Water supports our mission!

Founded in the Netherlands, Analemma Water, a flourishing company providing a proprietary type of water treatment with tested beneficial effects on health and in agriculture, has decided to become a donor of the World Water Community! They offer the Analemma Wand for your drinking water, they provide a whole house Analemma system, and they continue to develop more dedicated tools for specific applications.

Our relationship with its founders, Eric Laarakker and Dolf Zantinge, goes back to 2010 when I started to work in their lab ‘ViaLight Research’. We studied light, frequency and water until the closure of the lab at the end of 2015. Since then we have continued to collaborate on research projects. We enjoy fascinating in-depth discussions and explore the most interesting subjects related to how light, energy and water play a role in the life of plants and humans and how these can be synergized for health. In our lab we performed tests on water and biological systems. We used ultraweak photon emission imaging, ultra-violet, near-infrared, and Raman spectroscopy, and physical and phenomenological tests. In our studies we included the influence of the environment and electromagnetic signals (both artificial and natural). We tested effects of those at single time points as well as over larger time periods to investigate the dynamicity. We also did biological experiments in our greenhouse on agricultural produce (plants, soil, seeds, roots, fruits and leaves, etc.). We have made fascinating observations and developed interesting hypotheses. It was, and still is, a grand journey of exploration and a joy to work with them! 

We match on our missions. Both Analemma Water and the World Water Community have a mission to spread consciousness and awareness about the important role of water for health and all life on our planet. We both value open science strongly and see the need to do this through collaboration and sharing insights. 

With this collaborating donorship we aim to spread unbiased information, stimulate open discussions about water and bring forth solutions for health, agriculture and society.

On behalf of the World Water Community, a warm welcome to Analemma Water!

Everine van de Kraats, Chair and co-founder World Water Community

Water is extremely important… understanding what water is and what it means for us is vital… Open-minded research is key. It’s important to put our heads together and work towards what we really know and to increase the awareness about water world wide. So for us it is a natural consequence that we donate and support the World Water Community! We want to play our part in this crucial initiative and contribute to help lift the vision of the World Water Community off the ground. As a takeaway for future directions of how to approach water, I’d like to say that water cannot be ‘captured’, water needs to flow, so let’s explore the dynamicity of water!

Eric Laarakker, Co-founder Analemma Water and holistic veterinarian doctor

Note: World Water Community offers the Analemma Water products as an affiliate, and every purchase supports our mission, follow this link to Analemma Water.

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