Announcing Evodrop as a new collaborating donor!

Announcing Evodrop as a new donor in the water community.
Evodrop: The logo for a new collaborating donor.

We’re delighted to announce a new collaborating donor!

Evodrop AG, a Swiss company providing clean water solutions with their own technologies based on 20 different international patents, has decided to become a collaborating donor of the World Water Community.

Our relationship with its founder, Fabio Hüther, goes back to 2018 when he contacted me to perform studies on the effects of his water device. Since then we’ve kept in touch about water science and solutions and shared our drive to make a difference in this world.

Evodrop and the World Water Community have a similar mission to spread consciousness and awareness about water, to collaborate, be open, and value science strongly. Also Evodrop’s foundation, Umuntu movement, speaks to their engagement with society, which is symbiotic to our mission.

With this collaboration we aim to spread unbiased information and stimulate open discussions about water and potential solutions for health, agriculture and society.

On behalf of the World Water Community, a warm welcome to Evodrop!

Everine van de Kraats, Chair and co-founder World Water Community

We collaborate with the WWC because we have manifested the serious and multifaceted potential of water science. As Newton already pleaded: “What we know is a drop, what we do not know is an ocean.”

Together we should promote investigative, empirical and evidence-based science so that every earthling can understand water.

We are convinced that we have just arrived at the renaissance of water science. Accordingly, we want to point out that we can use water to revolutionize health, medicine, agriculture and municipal water supply to the greatest possible extent. We only flirt with matter, but spirit stands above matter. Water can store information and has a memory. These aspects can save our civilization without seeking life on other planets! This budget should be invested in water quantum science and not in Mars expeditions!

Our motto is: UMUNTU – I am because we are. Accordingly, we have also launched our own foundation, the Umuntu Movement. From individual drops we can form an entire ocean. The power of collective consciousness inspires and euphorizes us.

Fabio Hüther, Founder of Evodrop

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  1. Everine, you might tell Fabio that he should be using the Xhosa word, Ubuntu, which is also being used by Michael Tellinger, in South Africa, for his Ubuntu Movement. Ubuntu is the philosophy practiced by the Xhosa, as they work within the WE mindset rather than the ME mindset of too many people, and nations.

    1. Hello Greg,

      umuntu is from Zulu and also means “I am because We are”. You can research it online. We used this word because we started project with that kind of african tribe.

      Best regards