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We’re very pleased that Eric Laarakker has supported our collective mission and the community since the beginning. Apart from his mental support, enthusiasm, and energy, his company Information Medicine also funds the growth of our network. During the last years they contributed in total 5000 euro to grow and intensify the impact of the World Water Community.

His company, Information Medicine provides audio frequency medicine: The most fundamental and basic manner to heal yourself and your body. Information Medicine addresses the cause of the defect and the self-healing ability of humans, animals and plants. Most diseases are, in his view, information defects and they start as a disturbance of information at quantum level (the smallest particles, known as quantum particles). When this disturbance lasts long and/or is serious enough, it will produce visible physical and/or other complaints.

Information medicine offers the body – with the aid of water, electro-magnetic information (light) and harmonic sound frequencies – very precisely the right information to tackle the disturbance or defect yourself. Instead of simply opposing or suppressing symptoms, manipulating the information in your body contributes to enhancing your awareness, health, wellbeing and recovery in all the layers of your body (body, mind, spirit).

Our relationship with Eric Laarakker goes back to 2010, when I started working in the ViaLight Research lab headed by Dolf Zantinge and Eric Laarakker. We were studying the electromagnetic aspects of living systems, with ultraweak photon emission, UV, VIS, NIR, Raman spectroscopy and performed many other tests in the lab and in the greenhouse. We’ve been through a whole journey of studying ‘treated’ water, and its effects on human, animal and plant health over the years.

We have the same mission: Continuously researching the value and truth about the power of water, to understand more about life and water so that we can heal ourselves and our waters.

We heartily thank Information Medicine for their generous donation, and we look forward to bringing the benefit of water, sound and light to a broader audience,

Everine van de Kraats, Chair and co-founder World Water Community

Note: World Water Community offers Information Medicine subscriptions as an affiliate, and every purchase supports our mission, please follow this link:

Information medicine activates the self-healing capacity and internal intelligence in the body. The harmonic tones ‘inform’ the body with frequencies in the form of sound and light. This makes healing possible at the deepest level of body, mind and spirit.

Information medicine is a relatively new form of medicine – in our view it is the medical (r)evolution for the future. Information medicine treats with harmonic frequencies in the form of electromagnetic frequencies and sound frequencies. 

Our body, which molecularly speaking consists of 99% water, functions as a kind of sound box for the structured harmonic information. The water in our body is crystalline, it has the special property that it can receive and conduct information (in the form of electromagnetic frequencies and sound vibrations). Water is the bioquantum computer, the broadband absorber of all electromagnetic information, sound vibrations, quantum information and other information. Water plays an important role in communication in the body. 

In our view, most disorders are information disturbances, or frequency disturbances, that start as an imbalance in the resonance at the cellular level. This disrupts cooperation, coherence and harmony between cells. The greater the imbalance, the less correct information the cell passes on to other cells. A chaotic vibration is created that disrupts ‘the harmony of the symphony orchestra’. The orchestra starts playing out of tune and the body’s own frequencies of the cells resonate ‘out of tune’: they are dissonant and no longer vibrate in harmony. The disharmony can lead to complaints and illness. With the body’s own frequencies in the form of sound (harmonic tones) and light (electromagnetic waves) we can inform the body in a very targeted manner and encourage communication, cooperation and recovery at the cell level. The body heals itself and returns to health, vitality and resilience. The cells come back into tune with their original harmonic resonance. 

Through the online platform we share our knowledge and experience and offer our online sound therapy and supporting products.

Eric Laarakker DVM  – the founder of the Information Medicine platform – is a scientist, veterinarian, entrepreneur, explorer, author, teacher, healthcare professional, developer of new forms of medication, healing techniques and devices and most of all an idealist. Thanks to his pioneering work – together with a team of doctors, veterinarians, therapists, building biologists and scientists – thousands of natural electromagnetic (light) frequencies of the body, our living environment and the cosmos have been mapped over the years. Based on more than 30 years of scientific research, development and extensive practical experience, we have succeeded in converting the electromagnetic frequencies into harmonic sound frequencies.

“We compose the symphony of our inner nature with water, sound and light.”

Eric Laarakker DVM, founder of Information Medicine

Note: World Water Community offers Information Medicine subscriptions as an affiliate, and every purchase supports our mission, please follow this link:

You are welcome to discuss on this topic in the Health & Healing group on our platform.

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