Invitation: Keep COOL Xploration

Two rusty pipes with COOL rust on them.

The goal of the Keep COOL Xploration is to tackle scaling and fouling in pipes and tanks on board of sea-going vessels. Scaling and fouling are an increasing issue. The summers are relatively warm and the docksides periods are substantial, creating ideal circumstances for clogging of pipes and coolers. Keeping the pipes, tanks and coolers available is a demanding task and drives costs.


With the Keep COOL Xploration we want to create a (open innovation) movement that provides the right to pilot new (possibly unproven) technologies that could help us tackle these issues. The initiative also allows piloting addressing inboard issues i.e. the availability of drinkwater tanks (e.g. e coli-bacteria) and sewage systems (e.g. clogging).


The Keep Cool Xploration is looking for new ways to keep pipes and tanks clean without using chemicals or other invasive materials. All solutions must be ‘click-on’, stand-alone and easy to modify. The Keep Cool Xploration allows for non-scientific or ‘not yet’ scientific solutions to have a go: ‘if we see it work, it works principle.’

Oceans1, a movement of do-tank OceansX, provides the open innovation circumstances. The Oceans1 challenge supports crews in their effort to reduce their ecological footprint and energy consumption. Availability of the pipes, tanks, and coolers plays (and will play) a significant role in the energy transition roadmap. The keep COOL Xploration will be hosted within Oceans1 and will therefore contribute to a more sustainable maritime sector. As a consequence test results can and will be shared openly and all innovative solutions are welcomed to join.


Do you have a solution that is ‘click-on’, stand-alone, and easy to modify? Please share your interest to join this open innovation project in the Keep COOL Xploration group. See you there!

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