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John Todd Ecological living machines

"Living Machines" an invention by John Todd

John Todd and his invention of  “Living Machines” are legendary and a great inspiration for me and all others who are doing “the Great Work” of healing our planetary waters.

Johns Living Machines can purify sewage waste water from most toxic chemicals known to mankind.
His designs have earned three U.S. patents, have won numerous awards, and have been built or are being constructed in many cities, towns, villages and schools in a number of countries. This blog and video “The Final Lecture” below will give you an overview how to Living Machines are built and give you several amazing ecological impact examples. Enjoy.

About John Todd

John Todd is Research Professor in the School of Natural Resources, a Distinguished Lecturer at the University of Vermont, and a Fellow at the Gund Institute For Ecological Economics.


What are “Living Machines”?
Living Machines, are ecosystem technologies which treat wastes and purify water with plants, animals and bacteria, rather than chemicals. His ecological design uses sunlight, biodiversity of all “Kingdoms of Life” and natural processes to create clean water with the byproducts of natural gases and biological material.

John Todd Ecological living machines
Photo of a Living Machine created by John Todd, see also video "The Final Lecture" below.

What can “Living Machines” do?
Living Machines can purify the most toxic man-made chemicals and priority pollutants and turn this (toxic) waste water into 99,99%+ purified drinking water within several days. They also offer a low-tech and cost effective solution for agricultural problems, for example: Nitrogen and CO2, and can also produces medicines that can not be made in a laboratory.

Aerial top view of a city sewage treatment plant.

City sewage treatment plant

There is no city sewage treatment plant that does NOT blow off “crap” (shit). This blown off sewage crap may contain bacteria and viruses and thus form a danger of spreading diseases.

John Todds Living Machines are designed not to do that and thus provide a safe and cost-effective way to treat our city sewage waste water.

Living Machines are Low Cost, High Efficiency.
To build a Living Machine you need sunlight, transparent barrels to let sunlight through, water and air pumps, and a variety of living organisms of all “Kingdoms of Life”.  So the community of (micro)organisms form new ecological systems that then purify nearly all pollutants in a 100% holistic ecological pathway, within just a few days. This means that Living Machines provide a low-tech, very-cost-effective, fast implementable solution to our urgent human and environmental fresh water problems we currently suffer Globally.

Reclaiming our Polluted Waters

9 minutes video explains the three stages of purification. Stage 1: Bacteria and algae start the cleansing process Stage 2: Marshland:  a wetland dominated by herbaceous plant species remove sludge and other toxic substances. Stage 3: Fish and higher plants and organisms filter the final toxins from the water.

Watch the Video “The Final Lecture” and get amazed.
The first few minutes of “The Final Lecture” of the ecological design course, will show you how a Living Machine purifies the top 15 nastiest pollutants, and turns it into 99,99% pure water, within 10 days.

Want to start a Living Machine project together with World Water Community?
The costs of “Turn-key” building and implementing Living Machines depends on local circumstances.

We, World Water Community, love to remain involved in your next Living Machine project, assist you where we can through our contacts, expertise, crowdfunding and our Shared Project Management System. Just remember we are here to help humanity with restoring planet Earth’s ecosystem.

To learn more about John and Nancy Todd’s work, financially support their mission, buy the book “HEALING EARTH”, and/or for more in depth information: You can contact John and Nancy Todd’s and their team here: *
* Thanks to comments of Russell, I have updated this article and added extra websites info.

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As you understand, John Todds Living Machines can be of major importance in many countries all around the world from purifying toxic waste to preventing spreading diseases through sewage plants “crap”.

Thus, besides your (monthly) donation, you can also help John Todd and the World Water Community by spreading John Todds important work, simply by copying the page link, and sharing this blog post article through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email and any other social media channels you use.

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    1. Thank you Laurens.

      Taken into account, Living Machines may also be offering a solution to the micro plastics in River IJssel.
      Mushrooms species have capabilities to break down crude oil, i.e. complex carbon-hydrogen structures, there may be a solution there.

      Let IJssel water first be moved through Living machines, before IJssel water is used for our drinking supply and/or redirected to IJsselmeer. Since Nature’s intelligence will take care of near 100% purification, and deliver high frequency “Alive” water, there may also be lower scaling of the calcium. Much to discover….

      Also, in the last two years, humanity has thrown away “millions (/ trillions?)” of Covid-19 PPE mouth masks in nature… Implementing Living Machines may possibly also come in handy to clean-up the PPE particles from our drinking water.

      When each sewage system installation (RWZI) in the Netherlands implements this, we are already on a good way of 100% recycling water.

      Also take into account water companies are currently unable to filter all the chemicals out of the drinking water, either impossible or due to high costs.
      Think of… Anti-cancer Chemo-therapy, anti-depressants, and other kinds of drugs and chemicals, going into the sewage system, then drink when water is recycled… Even when filtering water would be done, the information of chemicals may remain “stored” in the quantum-bio-dynamic-field.
      Living Machines may offer a solution there too.

      1. Can you connect with them to have your question answered? It would be great if such a project would be performed and definitely will inspire.
        This will be something on my mind that somewhere on my journey could land.

  1. Thanks for introducing John Todd’s work into our community, @bastiaan. He is one of the great water healers of my generation, and I have admired and followed his work since the early 1970s shortly after he and his wife Nancy Jack Todd founded the New Alchemy Institute on Cape Cod, Massachusetts (now called the Green Center: I have been a member of Ocean Arks International ( since they founded it in 1982. My mother was friends with the Todds and about fifteen years ago I took her to visit them in their home on Cape Cod. It was a memorable visit, seeing the living machines that processed the “wastewater” that they generated in their home.

    1. @Russel, That’s awesome. With you being member of, and your mother being friends with the Todds, can imagine it was a memorable visit. thank you for sharing.