Launch of the World Water Lab initiative at Water Conference 2022!

A woman speaking at the World Water Conference 2022.

At this year’s Water Conference in Bad Soden in Germany, the World Water Lab, an initiative of the World Water Community, was launched!

The seed of this initiative was planted in 2013, ever since Everine and Bastiaan joined the Water Conferences organized by Gerald Pollack. Last year 97 scientists were emailed to fill in a questionnaire in order to gather insight in their interest in joining the World Water Lab, 24 scientists replied, and the movement started!

Practically, as mentioned in a previous blog post, the World Water Lab is an initiative to collaborate to advance water science. Ranging from:

  1. sharing and discussing practical protocols, experimental design, and theory,
  2. sharing instruments, resources and expertise,
  3. contributing and working towards applications,
  4. creating outreach for the general public and to attract young new scientists, as well as
  5. developing further awareness about the curious aspects of water and their potential applications that have the power to solve many of today’s crises in health, energy and agriculture.

Research into water is different from the investigation of other substances because it so aptly reflects some as yet hidden principles and laws of nature. Many of them show to be utterly neglected or even banned from the standpoint of conventional (academic) sciences since they do not conform to their mechanistic and reductionist models. These profound features are investigated by a small group of water scientists and demonstrate the hidden order of nature, its intelligence, and its sensitivity.

In this field collaboration is key, because water crosses all scientific disciplines and one cannot be an expert in all. Sharing expertise and resources would considerably increase the efficiency and quality of the research.

The World Water Lab intends to optimize available global potential, to increase efficient use of funds, expertise and equipment, to fill this gap of human knowledge about water and related natural aspects, and to become stronger together. It is a community of individuals and organizations collaborating to advance science studying the hidden properties of water [1].

The vision of the World Water Lab is to positively influence the future of water science, to bring forth solutions based on water science for current societal and planetary issues, and to potentially create a scientific revolution across all sciences.

A woman speaking at the World Water Conference 2022.
Everine van de Kraats (PhD) presented the World Water Lab on Saturday October 15th during the Water Conference in Bad Soden, Germany

The World Water Lab is an initiative of the World Water Community Foundation [2], which is a non-profit organization on a mission to purify, regenerate, and revitalize our vital waters through empowering all of us who are passionate about Water. Knowledge of water provides power to change the world. The World Water Community Foundation facilitates worldwide collaboration, (crowd)funding, marketing, realization, and management of projects, products, services, research, innovation, education, events, and movements across borders, organizations, and disciplines towards healthy and vital Water and all life. Amongst other tools and services, it provides a community platform for us all to connect [3].

Before the public launch we had five online meetings and now anybody who’s interested to help advance water science is welcome!

Next to scientists, we also invite anybody else who is interested in supporting the advancement of water science to join: be it entrepreneurs, inventors, designers, artists, communicators, administrators, fundraisers, educators, community builders, and more. So please sign up if you are interested by filling out our membership application form [4].





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