An old person's hands are in the water.

To safeguard our water quality, all EU countries are committed to the Water Framework Directive (WFD).

The Water Framework Directive is an EU directive which commits European Union member states to achieve good qualitative and quantitative status of all water bodies (including marine waters up to one nautical mile from shore). It is a framework in the sense that it prescribes steps to reach the common goal rather than adopting the more traditional limit value approach. The Directive’s aim for ‘good status’ for all water bodies will not be achieved, with 47% of EU water bodies covered by the Directive failing to achieve the aim. (Wikipedia)

The ambitions set in the Water Framework Directive of the EU will require a true revolution in the water sector. It challenges all those in the water sector to stimulate awareness and investment in development of solutions for raising the quality of our natural waters.

It provides an exciting and challenging opportunity. How will we get to the desired water quality?

Oceans5 supports and accelerates movement on this issue. This movement invites, inspires and supports individual teams representing specific water regions to improve the handling of water. Collective potential is used to speed up and increase effectiveness in the race to cleaner water.

Oceans5 is a unique movement for all kinds of water regions. Neighborhoods within cities can join, but also European cities, as well as regional teams within river basin areas or teams between rivers and across borders. Oceans5 enables this global movement!

BOOST teams per water region can be formed. A team consists of a maximum of 10 people. Diversity in this team is of decisive importance. This BOOST team must start a positive and infectious movement in their area. A movement that releases energy and ownership in people, that stimulates them to intrinsically motivated actions. Actions that have an impact on water management. The movement that generates the most momentum leads!

Oceans5 can support these teams with a BOOSTXperience. This three-day program ensures that each team has a tailor-made plan to make their unique movement in their area a catalyzing success. Teams are connected via an online platform. Here they are stimulated to keep the energy going and they inspire, connect, share, and create together.


OceansX initiates projects that provide a gamified playing field for engaged and purpose driven individuals and teams to catalyze action and movement in social challenges. Our conviction is that shared intentions and collective ambitions in social challenges are best met by dedicated action and a start-by-doing attitude.

At OceansX we believe social innovation is as important as technical innovation to meet social challenges. Therefore we embrace purpose, connectivity, inclusiveness and diversity, with open innovation and sustainability as our core principles.

We believe fact-based impact will follow once a diverse and inclusive public is engaged. Understanding that practitioners in the workplace are best suited to create real change and accelerate innovation, when rightly supported and inspired.

Why we do this?

OceansX is reinventing the way we learn, work and live together in an, ever faster, changing world. Therefore we want to learn how we can best facilitate you and all others engaged in your movement to bundle and guide your collective potential. With these learnings we aim to build a new standard of progress. Creating a new environment in which our kids can contribute for who they are and for what they are.

What’s in it for you?

You are connected to water. As a citizen, a vacationer, government, organization, network, company, entrepreneur, farmer, fisher, or knowledge institution. You all want to enjoy, use, or manage the quality and the benefits of water. Therefore you are all connected, possibly without knowing. We create that collective awareness and use that awareness to catalyze a movement. A movement that will help you to keep enjoying, using, or managing the water in your region.

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