Prepare for an insight, a sudden revelation is on the horizon.

Digital illustration of a star map featuring constellations shaped like a ship, with labeled stars such as Sirius and Canopus against an auto draft-styled starry background. World Water Community

Searching for Significance.

In contemplation of the cosmos and the essence of communication, a rich tapestry of ideas is woven that blend the physical and metaphysical.

While gazing at the stars last evening, a thought struck me: if the celestial dance above our hill remains unseen by others, perhaps my interpretation is inverted or flawed. 

Ideally, any life form ought to recognize these celestial features, as they mirror a version of their own existence within the environment—suggesting my error in perception.

Our quest is not merely to trace the familiar constellations handed down through history. We seek a narrative that has been fractally imprinted over time, shaped by the environmental forces and the enduring, evolving species within it.

To verify my celestial cartography, I searched for constellations resembling a disk, hinting at a sphere, which in turn suggests the interior of a sphere—akin to defining “time” with a horizon, specifically an “Event Horizon,” akin to a black hole.

As shared elsewhere, this aligns beautifully with M theory, provided the scale is maintained and fractalization is applied. It’s fascinating how “everything” fits when viewed as scenery rushing past a train window, with the horizon in sight.

The horizon moves yet seems stationary. We move and yet appear still. The intermediary space either shifts or remains static, depending on one’s definition of “the horizon,” akin to cosmic phenomena like black holes, white holes, and wormholes.

What if you perceive yourself as the horizon, where the horizon encompasses all visible points—you become the “inside” of the sphere, a plane animated by its gravitational centre, an infinite loop, a paradox.

Behold, a moment of realization…

Ponder the recent advent of writing. Despite humanity’s ancient lineage, writing is a relatively new invention, and yet it remains a challenge for many.

Why so? Reflect on the transient nature of messages, of spoken language.

Writing is unnecessary unless there’s a need to consolidate a thought across various planes of existence. Otherwise, it stays unrecorded, not carved by intricate patterns, but naturally evident and accessible.

Thus, it is not “described” in written form—articulated fully to be replicated. This act creates fractals of existing fractals, now confined within their temporal frame, unable to evolve—akin, perhaps, to the trajectory of modern “civilization.”

Yet, an ephemeral message embodies its environment. A single word, in constant evolution.

How does a word define itself? Through a sequence of words that form a sentence. When placed within the context of an environment, this becomes multidimensional. Composing a novel introduces “diversity,” and indeed, “entangled” diversity.

When deeply immersed, diversity transforms into ‘time.’ The segments of a novel depict the dynamics of words. They are simultaneously static and animated, their significance realized only through interpretation, thus a “perception” of what a word, or a “collection” of words, might signify.

This brings us to a symbol, complex yet still a symbol. Upon closer inspection, numerous words repeat, creating a ‘pattern.’ When this pattern is set in motion and interwoven, it evolves into ‘life.’

The ‘core’ of a word. A thought expressing itself. No necessity for words, thus no sentences, no writing. It’s a collective engagement with an environment, its “surroundings.”


A ‘language’ that surpasses the need for written expression. A self-sufficient communication network. Patterns within patterns, discerned by the nuanced differences in discrete quantum amounts. The “scale” becomes inconsequential until an attempt at description is made.

The Quantum Reality.

An abstract sphere, depicting a disk, which in turn reflects upon its interior, enabling it to relate to or experience itself as a specific sphere within a specific reality—fractal or not. Hence, dimensions interact and intertwine, yet are perceived differently through the lens of a diverse perception of a Holistic entity.

A paradox indeed.

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