Quantum Electrodynamics Webinars Series by Paolo Renati (PhD)

A butterfly is floating on a ripple of water, prompting questions about water physics.

We are delighted to introduce to you this upcoming webinar series by Paolo Renati!

These webinars have the potential to completely change your view on life, they are all encompassing and bring a unifying theory that can cover much, if not all, of our outstanding questions.

In our opinion the message that Paolo brings with his life’s work is the basis for a new science across all disciplines and it has the power to heal the world when we live according to this understanding.

Don’t miss the opportunity to follow the webinars live and interact directly with Paolo!

Paolo Renati has a PhD in Physics of Complex Systems, is specialized in quantum electrodynamics in living matter, scholar of the physical basis of semantics in biology and of the causal relationships between biological perception and physiology, for many years he’s been also engaged in the critical analysis of the paradigms of science and in the re-evaluation of the analogical aspects in knowledge and in the relationship with the world.

For World Water Community he will launch the following 4 webinars:


Quantum Electro-Dynamics in Condensed Matter: the Amazing Liquid Water

Abstract and Contents: By spotting out some questionable approximations done in the generally accepted view of condensed matter, typical of the still semi-classic approach of Quantum Mechanics, we can address a description of condensed matter as a collective system of quantum oscillators whose emergent global wavefunctions are ascribed to non-trivial (perturbative) vacuum states, to which the emergence of a long range order parameter is responsible for coherence also at ordinary temperatures. Liquid water, firstly, is the paramount system whose anomalies and astounding properties for life and chemical physics are consistently describable from first principles thanks to the approach offered by Quantum Field Theory (QFT). It appears as a two-phase system where condensation and phase-transitions are accountable as changes of vacuum levels in a rigorous conceptual framework, without any ad hoc assumptions. The concept of “hydrogen-bond” will be analysed and re-described in the light of a field view of matter. The basis to understand biochemistry and life will be set.

Target: All Scientists and Students from: Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Medicine, and others

Difficulty Level: +++

Duration: 3 hours (there will be time for interaction and questions, so please be available for 4 hours)

Cost: 250 Euros (live streaming + recording); 150 Euros (recording, will be available under Courses later)

(To be attended before the webinar 2)


The Living Phase of Matter: from Morphogenesis and Bioenergetics to Perception and Adaptation

Abstract and Contents: We start from the description of aqueous systems according to Quantum Electro-Dynamic (QED) coherence, considering the phenomenologies emerging in presence of ions and other solutes, surfaces, electromagnetic fields, and biomolecules.

We’ll providing a quite vast analysis of the “hard to reduce” topics in living matter, showing some possible physically grounded reasons for: biocommunication, morphogenesis, entropy minimization, thermodynamic yield, cyclical functioning of biological systems, sensing, perception and the emergence of meaning (published work), adaptation, evolutionary paths, ecodynamics and a grounding to seize life as a nested web of coherences. Among the main topics, also: cyclotronic ion resonance; solitons; meridians and acupuncture (what meridians are and how several stimulation techniques can work, from pulsed electromagnetic fields, to acoustic, mechanical and chromatic stimuli); morphogenesis and biogenesis; fractality and bioenergetics (how irrational ratios within biological systems allow energy managements); how DNA could work in the light of this perspective; the basis for empathy and a post Darwinian theory of evolution, and many others.

Target: Biologists, Physicians, Biochemists, Physicists, Therapists, those Researchers who deal with living matter.

Difficulty Level: ++

Duration: 3 hours (there will be time for interaction and questions, so please be available for 4 hours)

Cost: 250 Euros (live streaming + recording); 150 Euros (recording, will be available under Courses later)


The 5 Biological Laws: the functional Relationship between Meanings and Physiology and the phenomenological consequence of coherence in living matter (the biological sense)

Abstract and Contents: The portrait of the living system offered by the Quantum Electro-Dynamics (QED), shows us that to be alive means to perceive. In the previous webinar (n°2) it has been showed what it means physically, and which the difference is between perceiving and measuring, between responding and reacting. The fact that the state of an organism is decided by what the relationship with its environment (also inner one) implies, since the former is in fact an open system, and being the environment is the plethora of stimuli which have a meaning for the homeorhesis of the organism, it means that the state of it is intrinsically determined by adaptative responses which allows the coping with the context. Such a process contains both conservation and evolution of the systems, since each configured state depends on all the others produced before, it depends on the “whole story” (since when some coherent-autopoietic systems appeared).

These factual basis drive us, necessarily, to receive the discoveries by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer as one of the deepest description of the “functioning” of living system in general (and of mammals especially). We’ll review his discoveries in the light of how semantics and perception in biology are physically grounded by QED, Quantum Field Theory and spontaneous symmetry breakings.

Target: Everybody who’s interested in understanding what we call “illness”/ “health” and the reasons of it.

Difficulty Level: ++

Duration: 6 hours (there will be time for interaction and questions, so please be available for 7 hours)

Cost: 300 Euros (live streaming + recording); 200 Euros (recording, will be available under Courses later)


Realistic Quantum Physics: in a field view, getting rid of the probabilistic conventionalism of Quantum Mechanics and Cartesian Dualisms

Abstract and Contents: We’ll review the main issues related to the unfinished epistemological revolution in physics and science, the Quantum Physics, which, within the mainstream, remained limited to its semi-classical approximation of Quantum Mechanics with all its incongruencies, incompleteness, dichotomies, and conventionalism. These topics and the theoretical proposals developed by the theoretical physicist G. Preparata and others will be introduced and commented showing them as some important tools which enable us to overcome the shortcomings due to a corpuscular, local, probabilistic paradigm claimed by the Copenhagen’s school and to land to a “field based” realistic quantum physics. Eventually, some epistemological problems related to description in science, the meaning of uncertainty principle and its relationship with entropy will be framed and some approach-keys will be proposed.

Target: Physicists, Chemists, Spectroscopists, biologists and all those Scientists and Academics who are concerned in Physics and in the ontological problem raised by the scientific description of reality

Difficulty Level: +++++

Duration: 2 hours (there will be time for interaction and questions, so please be available for 3 hours)

Cost: 200 Euros (live streaming + recording); 150 Euros (recording, will be available under Courses later)


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