Rio Grande Water Walk ~ Update 1

The Rio Grande Water Walk provides an update on the moon rising over a body of water.

Hello all i am happy to share with you all we are moving along on our Rio Grand walk Peace walk.

Magic is afoot. Source Mother and Great Spirit have offered so many blessings.

We were able to do an action in santa fe at the Plaza and were well received. We have had many conversations with beautiful support from the community. We have been brought meals, Water, drinks and prayers.

We have been shown the loving support of Great spirit and Source Mother Water. In opening ceremony there was an ask for confirmation and within an hour of walking a White Buffalo was seen. There was great joy and love expressed at the acknowledgement of our efforts.

There are local relatives who see us walking with the Eagle and Condor feathers of the Staff that leads us, asking what we are doing? They say they know its important because of these feathers and they join us in prayer, give blessings and say thank you, and that they will share with their community.

These are only a few of the gifts bestowed in these short few days.

We stay in prayer and have been given a home for the last two days and nights to shower and rest. Thank you to our Sikh brother. We have a Krishna kitchen that holds tremendous love! There are all kinds of relatives contributing to serve our Waters. It is truly beautiful!

I will do my best to keep everyone posted as our days continue. Service has been a little issue in places.

We are all growing and learning so much.

Thank you everyone for your prayers on our journey they are all working.

Please incorporate our brother Lenard Peltier in your prayers for his freedom.

The Global Peace Walk that we share steps with are sending out a prayerful call to this action as well, so we very much appreciate this support as well.

Blessings to all.


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