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A sketch featuring a girl peacefully resting alongside a babbling stream.

My name is Anna-Carin Mårtensson and I have a vision of an anthology of stories of water and have just started to gather spiritual people who have written or want to write stories of water. We are right now a small group of people but our roots extend widely to Canada, Nicaragua, Sweden, Russia and Africa. But there is space for more storytellers in this project.

My vision is that this will be an anthology with stories from all corners of the world. When printed and sold, a great deal of the profit will go to a project to help protect water.

I do believe books with stories of water will help to raise the awareness of Water as a living being, and the only way to find ways of sustainable living is to deepen our relationship with water and nature. Literature, art and music are ways for us to communicate this message in a way that touches the heart.

Do you also have a deep connection with water and a water story to share?

Or are you a publisher who feel this is a book you would like to publish?

Or do you want to support this project with money or in any other way?

Please contact me!

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A sketch featuring a girl peacefully resting alongside a babbling stream.

For me this project started in 2010 when I had my first deep encounter with Water. I participated in a course called “Spiritual Ecology”, held by Jonathan Horwitz and Zara Waldebäck. The meeting with Water changed my whole perception of everything.

We had all been instructed to go out and make contact with water. We should be quiet and focused and we had a couple of hours available for our interaction with water.

Water sprinkled down from the sky as if to meet us. My first thought was to go down to the river and swim to get even more physical contact.

Wearing a bikini and raincoat, I enjoyed splashing barefoot on the wet summer hot asphalt. I focused my thoughts as much as I could on water and started to walk towards the river.

Just before entering the course, I had read some chapters in an anatomy book of nursing education. According to it, 98% of the body’s molecules contain water – that is a big part of us indeed! I thought about what would be left if water was removed; desert landscapes and withering plants came to my mind. Without water no life in other words,

When I came down to the river, I remembered that Jonathan had previously asked us not to swim alone. -Yes of course, we have to respect water! I did not think of that at first. As far as I know, no one has died from too much air, but with water it is another story!

The swim had to wait until later but I stood in the water completely captivated by all the swirls the water made at every rock or turn in the river. The water is one body and pulls itself along, but can still be divided into drops of all possible sizes. Then suddenly, when I was standing there, something unusual happened to my consciousness. I felt the water looking at me as much as I was looking at her.

The water felt crystal clear and distinct like a very intelligent being. So intelligent that I blushed. I felt stupid and embarrassed that I had not before understood that water is alive. In a moment that could not have been longer than a second, I realized that water knows exactly what she is doing when she curls like a snake down mountains and hills. She washes and purifies the air when she falls like rain as she gives life to earth on her way to the sea. It is no coincidence that seawater is salty, because water uses salt to purify herself. The sun and water cooperate and distill her on her way up to the sky, where she forms clouds before the next circle. On her way down to the sea, she swirls happily past rocks and stones, she knows how to create energy and is happy to share it with us! Water is alive and she always wants to be in motion. She does not like to be locked in.

She always does her job whether outside or inside ourselves. If we are tired and worn out, we can cleanse and fill ourselves with new energy with water. Letting tears fall when we are burdened by fears or sorrows is a relief and makes us lighter in heart and mind.

Water does all this for us. Always.

But we barely see it. Water wants respect. She wants recognition and at least a thank you now and then.

Floods and droughts are not something that water does to harm us. It is simply a consequence of us not seeing or trying to understand the essence of water. We do not respect her need for movement or that her winding roads down the mountains are roads chosen with care. We move rivers and build dams as it suits us. We rinse oil tankers and flush medicines down the toilet. We are cooling the nuclear power plants with her. We turn on the shower faucet as if it were our right and nothing to be grateful for.

Not until we humble ourselves enough to slow down and listen to what water has to teach can we learn to live in balance and harmony.

A good start is to say – Thank you!

All this came to me in an instant and changed my view of everything for the rest of my life!

Much love from Anna-Carin Mårtensson

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