The Incoherent Reality of Coherence.

Illustration of intertwined ribbons representing educational themes: connections, transitions, and pathways in coherence with reality. World Water Community

The coherence principle cannot be achieved through the actions of one teacher alone. It requires whole school planning and procedures, and collaboration across schools, to ensure that its three key aspects – connections, transitions, and pathways – are brought to life.”

Well! ~ I think we’re finally ready at what has evolved into the network that has become “Qatuan”, to explain where we’re going, in relationship to where we’re coming from.

2024 has seen quite the explosion of organisation within our working fields; From letting the youth run wild and free, to allowing that same bohemian attitude direct and develop our mindsets, to discover ways that might capture their attention, as if it was of their own doing. Quite literally an incoherent reality of coherence … and I must say, it’s far more enjoyable than anything else I’ve ever had the pleasure to involve myself with.

As an Award Winning Environmental Professional, it’s fairly easy to imagine the stresses and strains, regulations, oppositions, arguments, counter-arguments and collisions that I might have to deal with on a daily basis, particularly when faced with the sheer weight of rubbish being pandered about out there, regarding the infamous “Climate Change” reality … or not!

Honestly, I got fed-up with it in the end. After taking Global Scale Environmental issues on, face-to-face among the Al Gore groupies (back in the day (IPCC 2007)); fighting alongside Greenpeace and the WWF; assisting with the sustainable development of 80km long swathes of the Spanish Rural Environment; Defending Turtle nesting grounds in the Caribbean and finally gaining professional accreditation with Sustainable Environmental Municipal Management for Rural Areas ~ I learned that it was “all” just a political scam to keep us all busily occupied with the nonsense of the established societal reality. Great! ~ but not necessarily 30yrs “wasted”. Fed-up? sure. Wasted? … 

In 2007 the Spanish Economy collapsed, leading to our move to Brazil whereupon we began all over again. This time though, we had a far better idea of what indeed we were up against. This time, we got to “observe” what was really going on, before we made a move.

I took on my favourite part of my past and built a company to design, develop and install natural water features, filtered “Naturally”, through bio-mechanical means, as opposed to chemical or industrial. I (very quietly) began investigating “energy” for what it might be if humans weren’t describing it to me, and from there began investigating vorticity.

Here we are in 2024, over a Decade later. I’ve been Back to Uni … again, studying Electromagnetism and now I’m alive on a semi-scientific, community based Platform in several places simultaneously. I work from Water across the Biological Landscape to Consciousness and observe it over Millenia, via the scars the the Earth supports, in the form that can be read and recognised through Archaeoastronomy.

I now “Question” Coherence and Incoherence within the patterns of Nature, both observable and otherwise. I understand the Environment as Radio Waves and Frequencies believe it or not. So I had to set up a Laboratory to examine the Quantum behaviour of Archaeoastronomy to better understand what generation after generation may have been attempting to communicate about this environment of ours, that is now ‘my’ turn to try to understand, define and communicate.

I couldn’t do it by myself you see. It’s simply too complex … and believe you me, there is so much to try to understand that it IS entirely ineffable to attempt to comprehend as a coherent reality, simply because from down here (as if your location in the general scheme of things was at position “B” in the above image), it isn’t.

Reality is an exceptionally well designed AND evolved “being” that appears to perpetually self-manifest coherently as a series of incoherent memories, of times and spaces and places and experiences from the fractal through to the holistic; each as necessary as any other.

Thus and therefore that comprehension has completely changed my direction in life. I no longer attempt to be a “guardian” of anything at all. Where I may have once been an eco-warrior, I now get to invest ‘time’ into ‘space’ and develop architectural reality that achieves the teaching itself ~ “if” of course, anyone wish to either look for it or listen.

I now understand “connections, transitions, and pathways” in such a way, that the “only” way to truly “learn” what indeed this environment of ours actually ‘does’, is to leave them as exactly that, if anything developing the ‘concept’ rather than the reality, so that the reality can be left to develop itself … as if indeed, it had a life of its own.

The coherence principle cannot be achieved through the actions of one teacher alone. It requires whole school planning and procedures, and collaboration across schools, to ensure that its three key aspects – connections, transitions, and pathways – are brought to life.”

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    1. You are extremely welcome @Laurens
      It is my hope to continue attempting to understand more positive ways of expressing what we’re trying to understand ourselves, with the people around us.

      The Coherence/ Incoherence debate is starting to warm up a bit now. It’s fantastic really. If we can get the terminology across to the people, hopefully we can encourage a few more to take part.
      As expressed elsewhere (which I’ll post on the Consciousness group in a bit):

      I like to observe what we term incoherence, as complex and entangled, apparent and animated coherence.
      Initially, it takes time to follow a single path to recognize the result of that path. Through experience, it becomes easier to recognize that particular path, in amongst all the other coherence that one might not currently recognise, thus incoherent-coherence.

      It is never that anything is incoherent from the outset, it is that it is possibly incoherent to a particular perspective. Therefore it is not incoherence that enables emergence, it is the perspective provided through challenged understanding of complex patterns of coherence.

      The truth is out there, it’s deliberately challenging to encounter though. The emergence, is that of your self. Some like to refer to “emergence” as the only show in town, but I disagree. “Perception” is the only show in town, because it pretends to everything that it isn’t.

      Thus the change of perspective illustrates the multiplicity of the path. All paths become the same, and complex coherence (incoherence) equally remains the same, but is visualised. Thus, coherent.

      Admittedly though, there are ineffable versions to perceive. Until one can recognise that simple truth, “EVERYTHING” remains ‘apparently’ incoherent, no matter the “sense” that attempts to inform us otherwise.

  1. If life is the ‘experience’ of a solution being solved, then it stands to reason that we’re capable of remembering the solution, but get to experience a timeline for the ‘development’ of that solution.

    If we appear to stand in a place, in which that solution is unapparent, then it would appear to us (in an applicable now) that the solution doesn’t yet exist.

    If we represent the energy of that solution, apparently in that now, then it would indeed appear as stated in our findings onsite…

    “I get this place a bit more now.

    I don’t exist here; Quite obviously, because I’m apparently incoherent.

    I exist as a memory of the now, somewhere way off into the future of this timeline.

    I’m here to experience the development of that memory.

    The better I achieve it in the now, the more coherent it will become, over time.”

    Apply that illustration the world over and we visualise it exactly as stated:

    The ‘experience’, of a conflict of interest.

    Incoherent coherence.

    Same as it always is in this paradigm.

    No matter where you look.

    Which does indeed illustrate the paradigm entire, as a school of sorts. 🥳 👍