“The voice of water – Protection of water”

A protected mountain stream gushes through a serene grassy area.

“The voice of water – protection of water”.

Although nature is perfectly capable of cleaning and regenerating itself, I was amazed at the enormous amounts of waste I saw along the Rhine or even in its waters. Wherever I could, I collected it. Years ago, my son once asked me why I was always picking up litter in the streets? It was not my litter. My answer was, “But it’s our earth and water!” If everyone were aware of the consequences of their careless behavior, they would not just carelessly throw away trash. Who knows that a cigarette butt can pollute up to 60 liters of water or that our wet toilet wipes can clog entire sewage treatment plants? Unfortunately, a lot of waste ends up in our water cycle that doesn’t belong there. Just think of all those antibiotics or pills that end up in the sewer system. The consequences are obvious and put our health at risk.

But where the natural cycle no longer manages to cleanse itself is where excessive amounts of manure are spread across the land and contaminate our groundwater, rivers and lakes. Manure literally chokes our water and causes us to have to artificially respirate some lakes. Human beings are part of the whole and depend on clean water. Therefore, we have no choice but to rethink our lifestyle.  

Marja Nieuwveld, Ambassador for Water


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