“The Voice of Water – The cycle of water”

A river's voice echoes through the rocks as it gracefully carries the cycle of water onward.

“The Voice of Water – The Cycle of Water”.

Nature follows a constant cycle. It is always striving for balance and purification, and so does our water. We don’t even understand how nature works. But if we look closely, it reveals all its secrets to us.

There is no better functioning purification system than intact nature with its fascinating cycle. Since the main task of water is to dissolve and transport matter, at some point it must also get rid of the accumulated matter. This happens through a rise in temperature, which causes the water to evaporate. The moist air rises, collects in small water droplets and forms our clouds. This water, which then flows back to the earth as rain, would be pure in itself if it had not already been re-contaminated on its way to the earth, for example by fine particles and/or chemicals. The natural, life-giving cycle is disturbed, among other things, by unnatural, intensively practiced agriculture and increasingly less intact natural habitats.

Nature also knows horizontal purification for water purification. In this process, water flows through different layers of material, such as sand, gravel and reeds. In a natural river bed, the water is turned around and enriched with oxygen. The most fascinating step in the purification process is the sun, which also purifies the water with its heat and light.

This great cycle also exists in small things, even in our bodies. This is why our body temperature rises when we need to get rid of a toxic impurity (fever). This is also one of the reasons why saunas are so healthy. We all know that when there are circulatory problems, water is the best first aid. Water is the basis of our health.

The natural processes are convincing in their logic and can teach us a lot!

Marja Nieuwveld, Ambassador of Water


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