The Water Conference 2022 on the Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water was a success!

A group of people posing for a picture at the Water Conference 2022.

This year’s Water Conference in Bad Soden, Germany, was a great success!

As always it was scientifically chaired by Gerald Pollack and since 2019 it has been organized by Tom Meyer. It was a wonderful gathering again of like-minded water scientists from many scientific disciplines, entrepreneurs, inventors, health practitioners and other people interested in water science.

After two years of cancellations, some of our community members were happy to be able to join and we were delighted to finally mingle again and learn from each other! In total, there were 79 physical attendees and 17 online attendees from 18 countries!

We had a four-day immersion into water science, in total 27 scientific presentations (19 live and 8 remote), 8 poster presenters (in total 12 posters in the poster session), and a wonderful lecture at the banquet. The atmosphere was very inspiring and loving, as many times before.

The Water Conference 2022 with people sitting at tables in a conference room.
The Water Conference 2022 on the Physics and Chemistry of Water garnered success with a lively room full of people sitting at tables.

The presentations will be available on the conference website, we will inform you as soon as there is an update regarding this!

In the meantime you are welcome to join the World Water Community and join the Water Science group on the platform. There is also a Water Conference group where we will share practical updates.

The World Water Community Foundation is delighted to be in a partnership with the Water Conference organization in order to help facilitate the outreach of the latest and greatest in water science. Our intention is to do everything to support the organization of the conference even more next year.

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