Tribute to Luc Montagnier

The old sun shines through the water in the ocean.

We mourn the passing of one of the great scientists of our time. Courageous and humorous in the face of disbelief, Luc Montagnier, nonetheless, has opened an entire dimension of science previously overlooked, invisible, but one so foundational that new explanations of life are now required. His final experiments show that water, and the unseen frequencies it carries, deliver the signals that orchestrates life.

We’ve created a page to pay tribute to Luc Montagnier. 

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  1. The Hydration Foundation expresses our reverence for the work of Luc Montagnier on his passing on February 8, 2022 at age 89, and commit to spread his work into the future where it will find its place. Indomitable, he spent his life force on behalf of science as a language of truth that could and would relieve suffering, along with the thrill of discovery. Kind, shy and funny, he was an improbable knight for the improbable battles he had to so courageously face. His ongoing presence and presentations at the Annual Conference of the Biology, Chemistry and Physics of Water were always eagerly awaited by a room filled with scientists known in their own right. To honor him, share this link to explore and spread his remarkable discoveries:

  2. On the occasion of the sudden death of Dr. Luc Montagnier on February 8, 2022, I would like to express my sincere condolences to his relatives and all those who were deeply involved with him. I learned about Dr. Montagnier’s water and DNA research findings in 2014. And I have admired Dr. Montagnier from that time. Since then, I have attended several water conferences and have always looked forward to listening to his talks, what has always impressed me the most is that he has repeatedly talked about the absolute necessity of ethics in medicine. In the past two years, he has done a lot of good for the people of the world. His presence as a human being is gone from our daily lives with his death now, and that is indeed a sad thing, but his courageous actions, sincere behavior, and rational and ethical statements will live on not only among scientists, but also in the hearts and minds of so many people around the world. and he will live as long as we remember and honor him through all of us. As one who love and research water holistically , I am going to think about the real meaning of the research results left by Dr. Montagnier through my own life. I still remember, as if it were yesterday, having a nice dinner at the table with him , suzie and Jerry together during the music concert at the last Water Conference in 2019. And with a bit of a shy look on his face, he said to me, I like to play the piano too!
    My dear Prof Luc! I hope you will play your favorite piano a lot now in heaven and continue to watch over us kindly from above.
    We respect you very much and love you very much.
    with much love and deep gratitude

    Akiko Stein

    Founder Omni Aqua Foundation / Office Emoto Germany

  3. Blessings of Peace to Luc Montagnier and to his family, friends and colleagues. One of my dreams was to meet Luc Montagnier and have him as a Super Star Speaker at the Truth Seekers Water Festivals, as I have a deep respect for the work he has done on this planet and especially with Water! When I share my presentation “The Language of Water & How it Connects Us All” Luc Montagnier is a pivotal piece of information that makes people sit up and pay attention with what the Water is teaching us through his tests and discoveries. I will always share his information and encourage the youth to look at REAL scientists like Luc Montagnier for solutions and ethical ways in helping and healing the waters and the world. Much Love & Respect to you Sir. High five Dr. Emoto as he was an OG (original guru) of the Water, just like yourself, Jacque Benneviste & Victor Schauberger, imagine the table with all those OG’s of the water world, gosh that would be sooo cool. Many Blessings to all the OG’s in the heavens and on Earth!!!!! Blessings to All Waters!

  4. Dear friends and colleagues!
    A very sad news has come. An outstanding scientist Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier passed away. He made a great contribution to virology and molecular biology for which he was awarded Nobel prise. After that, despite his advanced age, he did not rest on his laurels, but began research in an extremely controversial area – in the science of water. With deep ingenuity and perseverance he studied mysterious properties of water, its role in living systems. And in a relatively short period of time he made great discoveries in this field that most scientists have yet to realize. To my opinion for all that he has done during his long life in science, he can be considered a genius. I think that many of us believe that fate has given us the great happiness of meeting this wonderful person. May he rest in peace

  5. The news is terrible.
    I met Prof Luc Montagnier several times, most particularly at his apartment on Central Park South. The first time I met him, he changed my life. While he was one the most preeminent professor in the world, very actively travelling the world at what most people consider an “advanced age”, Here he was, in his slippers, speaking one on one, interested in my work on autism.
    When I left, I vividly remember the sensation as if I was walking on air, with the clear feeling that the most difficult questions have an answer and that anything is possible. We spoke of difficulties in the field of homeopathy, difficulties with bringing new ideas in the field of medical science, to which he responded, “The Truth will speak for itself”. Do your work, no need to worry, or be concerned. That phrase, so spontaneously spoken and meant, has carried me until now and beyond. I am convinced that he lived according to this motto. He presented the work he had without any worry of anything else. We met a few times this way, informally and he invited me to come to his meetings with his most electric, brilliant group in Paris. I believe his inner child was always alive and well, a spark in his eyes and a feather in his cap. When I looked at him, I saw always saw that child, interested in discovering the workings of the natural world. I am grateful to have been able to be with him. He is the most extraordinary man I’ve ever met. Much Blessings.

    I present to you and family, My Most Sincere Condolences.

  6. we will never forget what Luc Montagnier has given us all. Not only the knowledge of specific and profound mechanisms of biology, but also the example of the dedication and courage to go through unexplored paths, seeking not the praise of the academic world but the joy of the experimental approval of Science, without fearing the judgment of who stays “at home” for weakness or fear.

    With his loss, I miss a friend and a reference point in research.

  7. It was an honor to have been in the presence of Luc Montagnier during the yearly Water Conferences in Bulgaria and Baden Baden since 2015. In his presentations he not only shared his most recent and former scientific work, but also his wise and strong messages about truth and science in general. I’ve experienced him as a quiet, smiling man, also happy to sit and watch on the side of the dance floor and be there for people to have a chat or a photo. And when we asked him to support our letter with all the participant signatures to keep Jerry’s lab, he took this very seriously. He will be dearly missed, and it will surely be a different experience without him. I’m also very grateful for him speaking out on subjects that matter to all of us in the world… My sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues and it is my intention to continue to support the message that his work brought forth, and strengthen the community around it.