Uniting for the Water of Our Planet

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Uniting for the Water of Our Planet: 
Calling for the Great Planetary Water Cleanup

Watersheds, the interconnected networks of rivers, streams, lakes, and groundwater organizing the movement of Water throughout the landscapes are pivotal for sustaining life on Earth. Specifically, healthy watersheds are essential for maintaining the balance of our planet’s ecosystems, providing the conditions for life to thrive, regulating our climate and sequestering carbon, revitalizing all the systems intricately linked to Earth’s hydrologic cycle.

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Bioregional watersheds serve as the key components for maintaining both local and global water cycles, modulating water distribution and quality, nurturing biodiversity and regulating the climate dynamics rippling out from the bioregional to the global scale. The health and vitality of biodiversity within watersheds is relative to the availability, quantity and quality of Water. No Water, No Life.


Understanding and preserving the integrity of Earth’s watersheds is critical for sustaining the health, resilience and well-being of all life forms. However, these essential lifelines are under threat from increasingly destructive, extractive human behavior, disproportionately impacting and disrupting the delicate balance of all life. We are at a critical choice point as a species.

At a time when climate and environmental concerns are at the forefront of global discussions, the restoration of our watersheds needs to be front and center, yet it is often absent from the conversation. Our call to revitalize the world’s watershed communities, starting with instilling the concept of Water Stewardship, is more crucial than ever. Sparking a global initiative to clean up our creeks and rivers – be it a day, a month or a year – is clearly a powerful way to activate and raise awareness, engaging community by community strategies, along with organizing hyper-collaborative action planning and implementation. The time is now.

The World Water Community and WaterUnity Networks are prepared for leading this mission. Find out what you can do in your watershed in the links below. Put your project on the map!

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The significance of such an initiative cannot be overstated. A global Watershed cleanup initiative would serve as the tangible focus to build up from, and be a clear rallying call for people to come together in a collective effort to safeguard the quality of All Life on Earth. As we dedicate ourselves to the accessible task of cleaning and restoring waterbodies we’ll be demonstrating our commitment to the broader protection of nature’s biodiversity, as well as strengthening the resiliency of our human communities nurtured by Watersheds.

Another primary benefit of a global watershed cleanup day is the potential to educate about the interconnectedness of our biosphere and the impacts from human caused actions in the environment, either destructive or regenerative. Through hands-on participation in cleanup activities, coupled with fun cultural experiences, individuals will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of preserving our watersheds for present and future generations and revitalize our sense of who we are as a community. This is especially important for our youth.

Furthermore, as these actions gather us together, coordinated collaborative community-led cleanup efforts yield tangible, practical, low cost environmental improvements, such as the upstream and downstream removal of litter, plastics, and other pollutants from waterways. This not only enhances the aesthetic beauty  and function of natural landscapes, but reduces the risk of harm from waterborne afflictions for those who depend on these water sources.

Diverse hands join together in a circle above the planet, as a symbol of uniting and teamwork. World Water Community

A global watershed cleanup brings a unifying sense of comradery and collaboration, transcending geographical boundaries, cultural and generational differences. This commitment unites people from diverse backgrounds under a shared goal of protecting what matters most. We believe these efforts will have cumulative positive impacts on our communities. By joining forces in this important endeavor, we’ll make a meaningful difference in protecting and preserving the integrity of the interconnected whole system that sustains life on Earth.

Please also check out our related event Global Planetary Water Cleanup on Earth Day, March 22nd for more inspiration on how to join the mission!

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