World Water Community at 10th World Water Forum 2024

10th World Water Forum Bali World Water Community

On May 22nd 2024 during the 10th World Water Forum 2024 in Bali, Indonesia, the World Water Community, more specifically the World Water Lab initiative, participated in a Webinar on “The Emerging Science of Water and its Applications”.

You can find the recording here.

Most of the speakers are a member of the World Water Lab, an initiative embedded in the World Water Community, you can read more about it here.

This was the order of speakers:

  • Welcome and context of the Webinar – Sérgio Ribeiro (08 min)
  • Keynote Speaker – Prof. Dr. Gerald Pollack (15 min) ~ The Fourth Phase of Water
  • Lecturer 01 – Dr. Everine van de Kraats (08 min) ~ World Water Lab ~ Empowering Water Science concerned with the Emergent Properties of Water Through Collaboration
  • Lecturer 02 – Prof. Dr. Roumiana Tsenkova (08 min) ~ Aquaphotomics
  • Lecturer 03 – Dr. Pierre Madl (08 min) ~ Hormesis and the Power of Water
  • Lecturer 04 – Prof. Dr. Igor Jerman (08 min) ~ Physicochemical Research of Molecular Information Transfer
  • Lecturer 05 – Harry Jabs (08 min) ~ Revolutionary Scientific Discoveries about Water
  • Lecturer 06 – Dr. Michael Bache (08 min) ~ Electrostatic Nature of Water 
  • Questions and Answers and Closing – Prof. Dr. Leoni Bonamin (10 min)

While presenting Everine van de Kraats did not share her presentation, you can find it here.

In his presentation Pierre Madl referred to a Special Issue of the International Journal of Molecular Sciences “The Emerging Role of Quantum Sciences and Radiation Biology in Biomedical Applications”, you can find it here.

The presenters, together with more participants, all representing ‘partner institutions’ (see institutions on the image below), are taking steps to put emerging water science and its applications on the agenda world wide. We will keep you informed about the progress.

Promotional poster for a webinar titled "The Emerging Science of Water and Its Applications," occurring on May 22 at 9:30 PM (Bali) and 10:30 AM (Brazil). The event is hosted by @ciratagua on YouTube. World Water Community
Webinar poster titled "The Emerging Science of Water and Its Applications." It details topics such as water's complex behaviors, recent research, and technological advancements. Scheduled for May 22. World Water Community
A poster lists partner institutions for an event, including CIRAT, MPF, Buckminster Fuller Institute, IPWS, World Water Community, Water Journal, GIRI, and other various research and academic organizations. World Water Community

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  1. Absolutely FANTASTIC effort guys. Thankyou very much, for posting the recording.

    Brilliant update with what you’re all up to, I really enjoyed your presentations. Please keep it up, so that we can help you get it out there.

    Thanks again.