World Water Community at the UN Water Conference 2023

The UN Water Conference 2023 logo for the World Water Community.

We have an Exciting Water Week Ahead of Us!

The upcoming week promises to be an exciting one for water enthusiasts with a plethora of events including World Water Day, the UN Water Conference, and NY Water Week. It’s overwhelming to think about all that’s going on! Below your find the links to find out what’s happening.

The World Water Community will participate in two official side events of the UN Water Conference along with other organizations that share our passion for water science. Our message is clear: Water science has innovative and sustainable solutions for the world’s most pressing issues.

💦 Two official side events for WWC at the UN Water Conference! 🌍

March 22nd, 9AM NY time (ONLINE)

A new and emerging science of water is opening innovative and sustainable solutions in response to the world’s most pressing issues. Find out about who will be speaking, it’s a list of amazing top scientists in the field:
The New Water Science to Achieve UN SDGs

March 23rd, 2PM NY time (PHYSICAL)

Announcement of the NY Statement on the Emerging Science of Water, presentations and signing by the partners.

Find out about who will be there live:

Check out the official program for all UN Water Conference 22-24 March events here:

Check out the official program for all NY Water Week 18-24 March events here:

And this is a site by UN Water ~ Being the Change, where you can add your water action:

Let’s keep each other informed about experiences and learnings inside the groups on our platform!

Help spread World Wide Water Community love!

Gina Bria, who will be present in New York, will be handing out these World Water Community cards at the UN Water Conference. Please feel free to share these too!  (Thank you for creating these with us Gina! It was fun!)

An image of a heron at the World Water Community during the UN Water Conference 2023.
The global hub for water developments at the UN Water Conference 2023.

We’ve also recorded a 3 minute video with Gina. You’re welcome to share this too! We will post this video and the business cards on our socials so that you can forward from there. Please use #worldwatercommunity and #wateraction.

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