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1 – Towards a new co-habiting the Earth?

From San Francisco starts this series of short movies dedicated to mindfully foster the evolution of ‘consciousness-&-self’, for a new evolving Humanity, towards a Civilization of Symphony.
Video 11:22

2 – One of the grandest evolutive shifts?

This second movie continues the series on innovative themes and sparks about the creative r-Evolution which I propose: 'Intuition, Consciousness & Self Evolving'. On such themes I am developing an international network of scientists, artists, innovators, leaders, as well as holistic professionals and operators, and persons committed to create a new Consciousness, a new co-Habiting the Earth.

3 – An Experience which is able to Reshape the World?

This movie shows us the unexplored INtuition, INsight, INtuitive INtelligence (ÌNIN) as innate human analogical qualities, as well as essential evolutive inputs. Our ‘giving voice’ to such qualities implies a ‘vital r-Evolution’ of our communicating, understanding, co-creating, co-evolving within the flow of ‘Consciousness-&-Self’ Evolving.

4 – ÌNIN, an unexplored INtuitive Experience?

The fourth movie of the series presents the vision of implicit intuitive information as an unexplored process which emerges as the eloquence of phenomena and of our daily interrelations. An eloquence which informs us, orients us and opens the perspectives of our understanding beyond logical thinking, towards an anà-logical (beyond logic) vision which renews our self-insight, our choices, our designing and co-creating.

5 – Being re-created, receiving Energy?

The fifth movie invites us to discover intuitive information as a process emerging from our interrelations. It is an experience from which we can be recreated and from which we can receive a specific energy: creative, orienting, inspiring. And while we are in-formed by such implicit information, we are brought to give it an explicit form, as instruments of the perennial process of creation.

6 – ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence & Peace?

When the logic thinking is integrated with the human INtuitive INtelligence ÌNIN, constantly informed by Life’s intelligence, coherence, responsibility and Peace emerge as natural qualities from our intuitive interrelations.

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ÌNIN INtuitive INtelligence & self-INsight

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