Navigating the Waters – A 7 Day Mini Course on What to Drink, What Not to Drink, and Why

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Not all water is created equal, and different kinds of water can affect our physical and mental health very differently.

Dive in for just 20 minutes per day

for 7 days of empowering guidance that will help you stay hydrated

for the rest of your life!


We are bodies of water, living on a body of water.

Water is life.

And embracing these facts with conscientious practices is absolutely life-changing!

What Will I Learn?

  • Explore how tap, bottled, reverse osmosis, distilled, alkaline, and spring water affect your psychology and physiology.
  • Find out where to access the highest quality water.
  • Learn tips, techniques, tools and strategies to uplift any water into a more vibrant hydrating elixir.
  • Bio-hack your lifestyle to optimize your hydration. Find out simple actions you can take to make sure you're actually absorbing every drop you drink.

Topics for this course

13 Lessons

Day 1?

Introduction Tap Water
Tap Water00:14:39

Day 2?

Bottled Water Reverse Osmosis & Distilled

Day 3?

Alkaline Ionized Water Spring Water

Day 4?

Filter Structure

Day 5?

Balance Bless

Day 6?

Free Lifestyle Factors

Day 7?

Next Steps & Resources

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Material Includes

  • The course also includes a follow-along PDF workbook so you can consider, integrate, and reflect on what you're learning.
  • AND you'll receive the ultimate water tools resources guide - a curated list of the very BEST water filters, bottles, vortexers, structurers, hydrating supplements, and much more.

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Target Audience

  • "I have just finished the 7 day course in 24 hours.  SO informational and transformational. Highly recommended.  There are some courses you do and forget over time - this is not one of those. You can never forget what you have just learnt.  Thank you - brilliant!" ~Joy Menzies
  • "Both fascinating and compelling. Isabel shares insights into our our physical human infrastructure and our basic operating system that need to be taught to everyone!" ~Dr. Marc Cohen
  • "Very different, very insightful. Good combination of uncommon knowledge and inspired call to action for own well being and for humanity." ~ Adrian Keet