The Living Phase of Matter: from Morphogenesis and Bioenergetics to Perception and Adaptation

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Abstract and Contents: We start from the description of aqueous systems according to Quantum Electro-Dynamic (QED) coherence, considering the phenomenologies emerging in presence of ions and other solutes, surfaces, electromagnetic fields, and biomolecules.

We’ll providing a quite vast analysis of the “hard to reduce” topics in living matter, showing some possible physically grounded reasons for: biocommunication, morphogenesis, entropy minimization, thermodynamic yield, cyclical functioning of biological systems, sensing, perception and the emergence of meaning (published work), adaptation, evolutionary paths, ecodynamics and a grounding to seize life as a nested web of coherences. Among the main topics, also: cyclotronic ion resonance; solitons; meridians and acupuncture (what meridians are and how several stimulation techniques can work, from pulsed electromagnetic fields, to acoustic, mechanical and chromatic stimuli); morphogenesis and biogenesis; fractality and bioenergetics (how irrational ratios within biological systems allow energy managements); how DNA could work in the light of this perspective; the basis for empathy and a post Darwinian theory of evolution, and many others.

Instructor: Paolo Renati

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The Living Phase of Matter: from Morphogenesis and Bioenergetics to Perception and Adaptation

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