Rejoice, because Mother Water has been born today in the Sierra – This is the formal announcement of a new cycle for the Water on planet Earth.
~ Message from the Sagas of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, 22.9.2021

Honoring the Rebirth of Water

September 29, 2021

15:45 UTC

Honoring the rebirth of water.

On September 22, 2021, over 70 Activation Circles formed around the world for a Global Equinox Ceremony dedicated to the protection and honoring of all Water. Many circles also read out the World Water Law.

One of the circles that gathered was a circle of Sagas in northern Colombia. Sagas are female spiritual leaders of the four tribes of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta: Kogis, Wiwas, Arhuacos and Kankuamos. During the ceremony, the Sagas announced that this was a momentous day because Mother Water was rebirthed in a new cycle on planet Earth.

This was the message from the Sagas as translated by Mamo Rodrigo:

Rejoice, because Mother Water has been born today in the Sierra – This is the formal announcement of a new cycle for the Water on planet Earth. And that’s why they decided that they needed to follow the strict protocol that is followed in the Sierra when a baby is born. (see below)

The Sagas repeated: Today, Mother Water was born in the Sierra. So in seven days, we will meet again. This time with the Mamos to officially baptise the baby who was born today in the Sierra…

According to the birthing protocol, as clarified by translator and Kogi liaison, Ginny Griego, from the time of birth until the 7 days after, the Sagas are with the new born. Men are not allowed to enter the sacred space of the women and the newborn. During the ceremony of the Sagas, it became clear through divination, that the Mamos, the male spiritual leaders, were not given permission to join the ceremony, even though they had initially intended to join. Given the unfolding of the ceremony and the announcement of the birth of Water, they said there will be another ceremony, 7 days after the Equinox, for the formal ‘baptism” of Water which the Mamos will join. At this event the Mamos will also offer the message to humanity that they had intended to offer on the Equinox ceremony.

This event will be live streamed here as well as on Youtube and Facebook. More details will follow shortly.

Please find the recording of the event on September 22nd here:

To learn more about the profound history and significance of the four tribes of the Sierra Nevada you can watch these inspiring documentaries:

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

11:00 - 11:22 Local Time





We invite you to share stories and pictures from your ceremonies in the Equinox Ceremony group on the World Water Community. Videos can be uploaded HERE on a special video gallery app. You can also use it to record a short video sharing your experience after the event.


Around the world we gather in circles of love to activate a global commitment to the immediate and uncompromising protection and honoring of all Water everywhere. Together we renew our sacred bonds with all Life.

The Global Activation Circles embody the intention to restore the balance of the Feminine and Masculine principles in sacred stewardship of Water and All of Life.

We will gather globally in cities, villages, in Nature and online.

11:00 am – 11:22 am local time we hold 22 minutes of silent intention in circle formations.

Women, girls and those who feel called to represent the Feminine, each holding a bowl of Water, will form an inner circle.

Men, boys and those who feel called to represent the Masculine, each holding a flame, will form a protective and supportive circle around the Feminine.

During the silence we will activate a global field of intention for co-creating a thriving world, where all humans live in Sacred Relationship with each other, with Water, and with All of Life.

Before and after the 22 minutes of silence:
Each Global Activation Circle is invited to create its unique focus and form such as meditation, drumming, movement, singing, prayer, ritual, etc.

The Ceremony is a part of the global citizen-led movement for the worldwide adoption and implementation of a World Water Law as a catalyst for exponential planetary healing.


This event is part of a growing global movement towards unity and collaboration for radical social and ecological healing.

To join the Global Equinox Ceremony you can either create a circle or join an existing circle you find on the map.

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Join the Equinox Ceremony ~ Co-creation Group for updates and ways to get involved.

Vision for the Equinox Ceremony, shared by Shelley Ostroff during World Unity Week

“It’s the silence of coming together in a fully embodied vibrational commitment to a new way of being, which … goes back to the language of the body, the language of feeling, the language of the feminine. And knowing that that language of vibration is the true language of Life, that has been stifled… and re-activating that in this field of coherence… Saying YES to Life. YES to protecting the sacred. YES to the thriving of every living being in its fullest potential … with all of Life. YES to Water. Thank you, Water …This is the time for balancing masculine and feminine, and for that feminine principle that remembers this watery origin – to lead the way now.” ~ Shelley Ostroff