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The World Water Community platform offers a state-of-the-art event management system for in-person, virtual, and hybrid conferences, events and seminars.

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World water day website design for event organizing and agenda planning.

Fully featured with mobile app, live Q&A, live polls, networking, sponsors and more

Check icon Multiple stages and days

Check icon Workshops with (un)limited access

Check icon Personal agenda for attendees

Check icon Event tracks


Intuitive agenda planning

It all starts with an intuitive web interface where you can build and manage your whole event. You’ll begin by creating your event agenda with sessions, workshops, and breaks.

Agenda is the core of every event, and therefore, creating your event agenda is as easy as using a calendar on your computer, which helps you create a beautiful and well-arranged agenda in a few minutes.

Any changes are instantly visible in the app, so your agenda will always be up to date. It works offline as well, so attendees never lose track of what’s coming up next.



Session details

Provide additional information in the detail of each session.

Write a session description, share the speaker’s bio, or upload files that attendees can download.

You can share presentations or other documents and materials.

Attendees can build their own agenda

From the mobile app, attendees can then build their own personal drag-and-drop agenda with notifications, ensuring that they never lose track of what’s coming up next and they won’t  miss any sessions they want to attend.

Help attendees keep on track with the topics they are interested in, by adding Tracks to each session. Attendees can then easily filter topics they favor.


Live Feedback

Get an amount of feedback like never before and see the event from the attendees’ perspective.

Attendees can rate each session individually with 1-5 stars. Ratings are visible in real time, so whenever a user rates a session, you will immediately see how much they enjoyed it.

Check icon Individual session ratings in real time

Check icon Space for comments

Live Questions

Every question matters.
Attendees can ask questions to speakers in real time and gives the space to vote for the ones they would like to discuss.

Highest ranked questions makes it to Top 10 on the BIG screen / projector.  Attendees can easily contribute and keep up with the Q&A sessions.

Check icon Questions in real time

Check icon Voting for the most interesting questions

Check icon Admins can moderate the questions

Live Polls

Engage the audience with live polls. Ask your attendees about their opinion and let them vote through Eventee. Collect answers and display the results live on your projector.

Check icon Real-time insights

Check icon Live sharing of the results

Check icon Unlimited polls


A magical feature with push notifications. This way you can effectively communicate with your attendees to make sure that they won’t miss a single point of interest and stay constantly updated. Posts can be sent immediately or scheduled for an exact time.

Check icon Push notifications

Check icon Formatted texts, links, pictures or GIFs

Check icon Attendees can rate each post


Create partner profiles to easily promote your sponsors and exhibitors on your event homepage and mobile app. Share their information to connect them with attendees.

Check icon Sponsors’ promotion across platforms

Check icon Fully customizable profiles

Check icon Engaging with links and action buttons

Tinder-like networking

Connect your virtual and in-person audience with a fun match-based networking tool and help them find relevant business connections without awkwardness.

Allow your audience to create valuable connections no matter whether they are attending virtually or physically.

Once matched, attendees can have a 1-1 chat or audio/video call and book tables for meetings.

world water community event networking app

Face-to-face experience

Where in-person communication is not possible, audio and video calls step out.  Attendees can call each other right through the app. Increased personal interaction and ensure a virtual networking experience that feels like in-person.

Check icon Once matched, attendees can open the chat window and immediately start their conversation. For private one-on-one communication.

Check icon Networking time slots and let attendees book time and tables for their meetings. Scheduled meetings automatically appear in attendees’ personal agendas.


Attendees are invited to use the Event app and their tickets unique QR code inside the app.

Check icon Event data synchronization

Check icon Pre-filling of attendees’ profiles

Check icon Automatic email invitations

Check icon With a unique QR code inside the app

event wwc streaming integrations

Live stream or video on demand

Decide whether you want to host your event with live, pre-recoded, or combined sessions.

Simply insert the link to your video sharing service to embed it into Event. You can choose from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Live, Twitch, SlidesLive, or Zoom.

By using video relay, we can forward the signal to 50 external channels. For example to home-page, facebook and/or YouTube channels of each speaker or sponsor.

Note: when a relay is used, there is a 30 seconds delay between live and relayed view. Viewers not using the event APP must be given time to answer live questions.

You can also add your self-hosted water event to our World Water Community calendar

Community members can add events to the calendar by adding a link to an event that is described elsewhere
or by managing their complete event on our platform with the available tools.
Booking, ticketing, etc…

Event Team Management Contact Form

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