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Back to Source – Honouring our Sacred Rivers in a Day of Ceremony and Actions

Our rivers used to be held sacred, given offerings of our most precious items to invite their blessings. Today, they are filled with our rubbish, sewage and run off of excrement from our fields.

On this day of sacred action, we seek to heal our relationship with the rivers, remembering that “Water is Life” and that if we poison the veins of the land, we also poison ourselves.

Our waters are vital for life, and not only are we losing access to safe water, but our wider environment is falling deeper into ecological crisis and biodiversity loss due to the poisoning of our rivers and waterways.

We intend to reconnect in our sacred relationship with water, honouring and acknowledging that rivers are living entities, entitled to their own rights and their protection. We honour the right of the river to flow freely, unpolluted, unpoisoned, and call to all those who wish to join us to gather a group together and take part in our day of ceremony and sacred action at their local river.

Speakers Webinar – Join us for our Sacred Waters Webinar, to hear from speakers at the forefront of sacred activism in the protection of our waters.
Monday 20th September 2021, 8pm

Sacred Action – Take part in a day of ceremony and sacred action with coordinated groups across the country
Sunday 26th September 2021, ALL DAY

More info: http://www.sacredearthactivism.org


26 Sep 2021


All Day

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    1. Thanks. Good to be here.
      Will check peace months out. thanks for letting me know. I have worked with Becky before. I know Becky as Sacred Earth Activism facilitated the room ‘Sacred Sites / Sacred Lands’ together with Jim Petruzzi and others.
      Have a good weekend dear fellow change-maker.