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A woman performs water blessings during a global meditation under the light of candles and the new moon, embracing the BeLoveH2O movement.

BeLoveH2O ~ New moon ~ Water Blessings ~ Global meditation


Thank you for Joining the wave

30 min meditation as individual from wherever you are connecting in the cosmic waters

*** This is NOT an online / zoom meeting 

this is connection at the same time from wherever you are connected in the cosmic waters

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༺ on Thursday December 22nd  @ 7:30-8:00pm (ET) 

*** A special gate during the holiday of “Hanukkah” Candles #5 

Please also Mark your calenders🐚 2023!!!

༺ Sunday January 22nd ♡ Sunday February 19th ♡ Tuesday March 21st ♡ @ 7:30-8:00pm (ET)

This is a sacred space. A prayer, in honor of & in service for the water of Life with Love & gratitude. Heart connection.

One Heart ~ One Soul ~ Love Vibration

ShalOM ~ Amen

We will be connecting as individuals from our hOMe on our own following the suggested guidelines. *** A free connection

This is a call to be united for 30 min as we connect through our hearts from wherever we are, sharing Love & Gratitude. Through our intentions, we’ll activate and bless our water and also send positive energy wherever it is needed around the world.

We will be holding space for the cosmic water ~ as an individual meditation journey ~ through our inner waters. Through our intentions we’ll activate and bless an external water container and also send positive energy wherever it is needed around the world.

Set yourself in a quiet place where you can give thanks to your life and purpose for being here. We will also be honoring our lineages which have brought us here.  Imagine your vision clear and bright, sharing your light, illuminating the darkness, supporting each other in those days when healing, love and compassion is needed more than ever.

Please prepare a sacred space with a candle, water and whatever you feel calls to your divine light. Sit still in silence as you connect to your breath, body, and mind. Inviting your vision to come through without any judgment, open to the unknown and explore your true self to whisper to yourself from the depth of your soul. You can have calming music in the background with soothing and relaxing vibrations. You are also welcomed to use any of your tools & wisdom to make this time and space SACRED ~ charged with the most positive high vibrations you can. This is an invitation to be creative in the way you relate to the water: sing, play, paint, speak ~ All is welcome!

The water is listening. Water is ALIVE. Recording, Remembering, Rewriting and so much more! Let it speak to you.

RE~REPROGRAM back to the original Liquid Light. 

I encourage you to offer some of the charged water into a body of water of your choice such as an ocean, lake, river, etc.  By doing so, we actively take the responsibility of giving back to the water of life in a mindful and balanced way.

 ༺ Detailed information and guidelines about this meditation and offering: BeLoveH2o  

There is also a video offering a guided meditation, with the 72 names of God, from the nanotechnology of Kabbalah teachings in preparation for the meditation, you are welcome to dive in…: BeLoveH2o  

Thank you for your #liquidlight

 ♡ Tal ~ Tara Art | BeLoveH2O 

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21 Mar 2023


7:30 pm - 8:00 pm

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  • Date: 21 Mar 2023
  • Time: 7:30 pm - 8:00 pm




Tal ~ Tara Eshed

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  1. For October the 25th, it’s the exact time we will gather for a new project in my community, making of Samaipata – Bolivia a destination for Integral Health. I will be connected with you, as I am aware water is the matrix of our wellbeing. We are water in motion. 🙏🏼