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Promotional poster for "the great planetary water cleanup" event on earth day, april 22, 2024, highlighting community involvement in global water conservation efforts. World Water Community

Great Planetary Water Cleanup

🌍 Calling All Water~Earth Stewards: Earth Day is Fast Approaching  🌎
💦  Join Us for “The Great Planetary Water Cleanup” on Earth Day 2024!  💦


The World Water Community and the WaterUnity Networks are rallying
Our Global Family of Water Lovers for an important and impactful mission:
A global Watershed cleanup initiative launching on Earth Day, April 22, 2024.


As we come together to celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet, let’s also take meaningful action to protect one of our most precious aspects of life – Earth’s vital watersheds. Every day and drop counts!

Taking inspiration from Earthday.org’s “Great Global Cleanup” we focus on our Water and Watersheds.

We know these interconnected networks of Waterways are the lifeblood of our planet, supporting ecosystems, providing Water, and sustaining biodiversity. Yet, they’re facing unprecedented human impacts from pollution, plastic waste, deforestation and environmental degradation. Their importance doesn’t get enough attention, and they need our caring contributions. Good news: even as our critical biomes need our committed efforts, we have the power to make a difference with the smallest action. Joining forces on Earth Day helps us make a tangible impact on the health and vitality of our Watersheds.


⇨  Here’s how you can get involved with simple actions on the 22nd of every month:  ⇦


💦 Organize a Community Water Cleanup Event: Gather friends, family, and community members to participate in a local Watershed cleanup. Whether it’s a river, lake, or beach cleanup, every piece of trash removed from our Waterways makes a difference. Celebrate a job well done with a potluck dinner!

🌊 Spread the Water Wisdom: Share the importance of Watershed Revitalization on social media, and in your local community. Use #WatershedCleanupDay and #EarthDay2024 to amplify our message and inspire others to join the movement. Remembering everyday is the right day to clean up our Water.

🌍 Take Action at Home: Reduce your own impact on watersheds by minimizing single-use plastics, conserving water, and practicing sustainable habits in your daily life. Inspire friends and family to join.


Together, we can make Earth Day 2024 a watershed moment for our planet – quite literally!!
Let’s harness the power of collective action to protect and take care of that which sustains life on Earth.
🌎💧 Join us as we roll up our sleeves, put on our gloves, and make a difference for our world. 🌎💧


⇨ Register your community cleanup @WaterUnity Networks and @World Water Community

You can do this by adding your action to our Events Calendar.


🎉 Join our online gathering on Earth Day: March 22nd at 7pm CET to celebrate! 🎉


We will find each other in our Webinar Room: https://www.worldwatercommunity.com/webinar-room



22 Apr 2024


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  • Date: 22 Apr 2024
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World Water Community
World Water Community

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  1. I am joining Water Community for this great event “Great Global Water Cleanup” because plastic waste is omnipresent in the seas and oceans, on our water supply taps, and represents 50 to 80% marine and terrestrial waste. Plastic is durable, lightweight, and cheap, but its resistance to degradation means it persists for decades or even centuries. The oceans, even in remote and isolated areas, are contaminated by this plastic waste. The consequences for marine biodiversity are multiple:

    Ingestion: Marine organisms, such as birds, turtles, shellfish, and fish, ingest plastic. This can lead to digestive system blockages and death.
    Reproduction: Plastic pollution disrupts the reproduction of marine species by altering their digestive systems and causing a feeling of fullness, which can lead to suffocation and death.
    Chemical Pollutants: Pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, detergents, industrial chemicals, and wastewater contaminate the oceans. These harmful substances can disrupt the health of marine organisms and their habitats.
    Cleaning, Prevention, and Reduction are real solutions. Hence all of humanity is required to mobilize on April 22, 2024. Everyone must do their part to save the Earth and its watersheds.