Research & Development

Scientific research supports the acceptance of new and out of the box technologies. Especially those technologies using the unexplained properties of water. However, experiments take time and money, and cross discipline collaboration is required, especially when water is involved.

For years many brilliant products have been created. Manufacturers and inventors have been doing their own science and showing results in practice (health, agriculture, industry, energy, and more). Most of them also want to explain how it works and start to look for proof in fundamental science and shop around to do their experiments. In the ideal case, experts from different fields come together, each assisting where they can with their knowledge and technology, in order to improve efficiency and reduce common mistakes.

We believe that understanding water on a fundamental level should be a common effort, with inventors, manufactures and scientists working together and bundling resources. Water is such a challenging subject to study, requiring specialized set ups, and practical, intelligent and also very conscious work, taking into account it’s environment continuously.

And at the same time we believe that if it works, it should be used to benefit society, even before ‘proof’ or ‘understanding’ is there.

We aim to create opportunities for all to share their knowledge with others, because there is quite some knowledge out there between all of us.

So we invite you to:

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