Water Tour US 2023

Water tour US four corners region June 2023.

Water Tour US ~
Four Corners Region ~
June/July 2023

The Water Tour is about inviting you to connect to Water!

Connecting to… your watershed, your inner waters, and the outer waters, your local waters and global waters.

The Water Tour is also about gathering fellow Water Stewards and using our collective potential to bring forth Water solutions.

Therefore, we ask you to JOIN US!
…find fellow Water stewards in the World Water Community https://www.worldwatercommunity.org/
…find your watershed within the WaterUnity Networks https://www.waterunity.life/
…join our discussion groups and forums
…add your organization, projects to our directories
…add your events to our calendar
…add your wisdom in our learning management system
…find resources/information, and
…come build together with us!

Water is in everything and therefore we need to combine each of our perspectives, and use our collective potential to bring forth the solutions we collectively have for global challenges and opportunities in these fascinating times we are living in today.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting your movements and activities on the World Water Community platform!

If you can’t join us and wish to support the global water movement, or the Water Tour in specific, we welcome your contribution: https://www.worldwatercommunity.org/donate/

Angelique Rodriguez
Elizabeth Herald
Everine van de Kraats

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