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"You can't discover new Oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore."
André Gide

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The WaterUnity Networks connect us to our Partner Platforms, other regenerative practitioners, their field projects, links for system-wide news, updates, tools and opportunities, as well as entry into Watershed Stewardship activation.

This WUN ATRIUM PORTAL @ WWC, found here on our primary partner platform, the World Water Community is designed as our public-facing commons for community-building and the starting point to guide interested Water advocates deeper into the WATERUNITY NETWORKS (WUN) member framework for Watershed Stewardship. This pathway is designed to activate and organize local Water Stewards, cultivate the Watershed Wisdom Councils, support the co-creation of resilient communities, and serve as a safe nexus for the global Water Advocacy emerging worldwide.

At the heart of this movement is an understanding that “Climate Change” is the consequence of our vital life support system, the planetary hydrologic cycle, being knocked out of balance by human impacts. Myriad factors contribute to the looming collapse of our biosphere; this is a wounding of the whole system from a million bullets and needs a whole system solution to heal Earth’s precious Waterbody. As we live and breathe, we’re each contributing to the denigration in some way; and we’re all responsible to bring our biosphere back into balance. 

The easily scalable, replicable living system solutions of wide-spread Watershed Restoration, applied at a local community and bioregional level, offer the most accessible, cost-effective, high-impact solution with the greatest long-term benefits. We have nearly everything we need – solid science, proven methods, and willing teachers – our remaining challenge is learning to work TOGETHER to efficiently activate, engage and organize concerned citizens for the most significant effectiveness in the shortest amount of time.

WUN strives to bridge this gap. TIME IS NOW!

The WaterUnity Networks (WUN), guided by the Watershed Wisdom Council Concept (WWCC), and hosted by the World Water Community align with the very Nature of Water itself, in an educational ecosystem of true Watershed Stewardship, inviting radical collaboration and community building for those dedicated eco-restoration practitioners ready to take the dive. This local to global alliance is revitalizing the Earth’s Water Cycle and the biosphere born of this on behalf of our Youth and their descendants.

WUN extends this invitation to aligned Water lovers all around the world to learn our innovative Watershed Stewardship models for encouraging and training local small group citizen councils interconnected from source to sea, serving in the revitalization of All Life, beginning with engaging our Youth in the active restoration of our world’s vital Oceans and Watersheds ~ today and for many generations to come.

We have so much to learn about how to steward our Water~Earth.
Let's begin to implement the Solutions all together!

Internally Aligned ~ Locally Empowered
Bioregionally Connected ~ Global Networked

Dive in, the Water's Wonderful!